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7 Steps for the avoidant Rolling Stone to go from ambivalent to confident, while attracting and/or cultivating the soul-shaking, passionate partnership of their dreams, without spending time and money in therapy, with no result.

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ralph whiddop

Ralph often found himself caught in the push-pull dance with anxious partners that he loved, but whom he felt "demanded a lot" from him once things started to get serious. His early childhood wounds would feel triggered when they would respond to his hesitancy and ambivalence with emotional manipulation and ultimatums, and then things would spiral in a negative direction.

When he decided to purchase my course, Avoidant Attachment 101, he was wanting to heal his own wounds, so that he could choose partners more wisely, and also be better able to manage his triggers when lovers would make requests for connection and more intimacy. After taking my course, he felt far more confident in his ability to contribute to a relationship and knew exactly what his boundaries were and how to express them tactfully. This allowed him to stop avoiding all conflict and instead speak up when he was upset, rather than withdraw or let it build over time.

"Briana's videos are always so comprehensive and integrated. I'm so grateful for Briana's work on Anxious/Avoidant Attachment, as this construct has been my default relationship pattern through my twenties. Briana's understanding has helped me reconcile with this, and I feel as though I can make healthier partner selections in the future. Much love!"

--Ralph Widdop