4 Protest Behaviors: How The Anxious Partner Sends Mixed Signals


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In today’s lesson, we are going to dive into the first lecture and video installment that addresses genuine attachment ambivalence as a potential factor, when it comes to giving and receiving mixed signals in love. 

And so, you may find yourself wrestling with questions similar to those posed by the members of my online community…

“I hadn't expected to hear from him after we broke up, but he has initiated twice... Many people in my life say he's doing that because he cares for me but also feels guilty. “

“I'm having an issue in my anxious/avoidant trap relationship where I'm not getting a “no” when he's a “maybe” or I get silence when he's a “no” and I feel like I need to pull that “no” out of him. I need to hear the “no” because then I feel more emotionally free... I'm struggling with whether or not I'm being compassionate with him with that.”

So, let’s discuss 4 Protest Behaviors: How Anxious Partners Send Mixed Signals in Love,” and illuminate the ways in which anxious partners display ambivalence. 

(To learn about anxious attachment specifically, I invite you to checkout my course, Anxious Attachment 101: 5 Days to Take the Open Heart from Clingy to Confident.)

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