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If you are in a relationship…

If you are in a relationship already, clearing your energy and your intention is of utmost importance. This will allow you to clarify your energetic boundaries, and become increasingly discerning about what unspoken expectations are being dragged into the relationship that don’t truly belong to this partnership. 

If you are single…

People find themselves single for many reasons, including:


  • You may be taking a conscious break from relationships.
  • You may be doing deep healing from past relationships, such as a  divorce or breakup. 
  • You may be healing from grief, if your loved one has died.
  • You're so turned off and disappointed by the dating scene, you've stopped looking. 
  • You're too shy to go out and meet people, and have social anxiety.


If you have consciously decided to be single, that can be a great choice. You may need some time on your own. You may be doing some inner work or healing in which you only have time for your relationship with yourself. These are conscious ways of being in the world!

However, if you feel as though being single is a punishment and you are not consciously choosing it, it would be useful to be aware of what is driving that feeling...


  • You long desperately to be coupled with someone, anyone, because you are afraid of being alone.
  • You continually choose people who mistreat you, cheat or leave, just so you can be with someone. 
  • You're still hooked into an ex or past relationship. 
  • You attract people you don't like or respect, but stay with them because it affords you a sense of control. 
  • You attract people who are in other relationships already, or live far away, and this appeals to you because it doesn’t require much commitment from you. 
  • You attract bad boys/girls; you mistake danger for attraction.
  • You want someone to take care of you, and make your money/other problems go away. 
  • You want someone to help you raise your kids. 
  • The clock is ticking and you want to have children.


Most people will find one or more of the above in their lives. And that is totally okay. It's okay to desire partnership for many reasons. The key is to see where you really are, and claim what you feel. In this way, you can become clear. And you can also gain some perspective on where you may be in your unfolding process and journey. 

Behind these common motivations, however, are some deep-seeded fears that cloud the energy and intention... 


  • Fear of being alone
  • Making poor choices
  • Seeking escape
  • Still hooked into an ex
  • Fear of being partnered


Go Deeper

Take some time now, and journal on what you notice about your readiness to be in an ascended relationship. 

  • Why do you want a relationship?
  • What fears do you think a relationship would solve?
  • How might you address these fears, today, whatever your relationship status might be?


Guided Meditation

After responding to these questions, listen to the guided meditation provided with the video lecture, to identify what lingering and unhelpful cords need to be released and/or revised. 

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