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Learn about the 4 "ATTACHMENT STYLES" and how they uncontrollably IMPACT YOUR BIOLOGY, in love.

Learn the 4 CRUCIAL ELEMENTS that make up each stage of the journey FROM INSECURE TO SECURE attachment in relationships.

Complete AN ASSESSMENT to determine which of the 4 growth stages you are in, and WHAT YOU NEED, in order to up-level your romantic relationships!

Gain EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO A FREE TRAINING that goes more in-depth with each of these topics!

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Maddie was a divorced, single mom who, on the outside, appeared to be fiercely managing all the moving parts in her life with ease, but on the inside, she was feeling lonely and exhausted. She labored under a harsh internal critic that told her she had “too much baggage” and “no one could ever love someone like [her]”. With Healing Attachment Wounds, Maddie learned how to mother her own inner child, and adopt a loving stance towards herself. Six months after the program, she met another single parent, and within a year, they were engaged to be married.

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Using the tools and techniques for accessing your inner wisdom in this course, Sally made a huge decision to quit her job and move to a new town, and away from a toxic, on-again off-again relationship that was preventing her from realizing her dream of having a family. Within 4 months, she’d found her dream job, and was already in a committed relationship with a healthy partner that also happened to be a widowed parent. Sally found herself accepting the idea that "family" comes in all shapes and sizes, and joyfully embraced the role of stepmother.