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5 Days for the anxious Open Heart to go from self-doubting to self-sovereign, and attract the soul-shaking, passionate partnership of their dreams, without spending time and money in therapy, with no result.


I bet you're also feeling frustrated and hopeless about the time and money you might've spent on self help and therapy, but none of it has lead to significant changes in your love life. Am I close?

There are so many smart, funny, witty, sexy super achievers out there searching for an attractive, secure partner, while draining themselves of the necessary resources to sustain a fulfilling life.

So often they think...

"Once I finally meet 'the one' all the pieces will be in place, and I can finally relax and start enjoying myself."

But the enjoyment has to start long before that, and unless you know the #1 secret to soul-shaking love, it's going to be a long wait.

hard truth

Success in love isn't about having the best job, losing the most weight, contouring the highest cheekbones, or being funnier and wittier than everyone else. 

Additionally, all the couples counseling, shiny new communication skills, and emotional vulnerability in the world isn't going to help you, unless you address your attachment styles first.


Your attachment style is a blueprint that acts as a compass for how much closeness or space you desire, when it comes to emotional intimacy. 

Your attachment styles affect you on the level of...

The deepest recesses of your survival (Limbic) brain...

The stimulation of your nervous system...

Your genetic inheritance...

A chemical cocktail of naturally-occurring neurotransmitters that create a euphoric attachment to inconsistent partners - like a drug addiction!

But the brain has “plasticity” - meaning it’s malleable, and can shift your attachment style!

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As a licensed and board certified creative arts therapist, I've spent years working with adults struggling with insecure attachment styles has taught me it’s not complicated to learn how to attract stable and emotionally available partners, when you have a deep understanding of how attachment styles work.

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Attachment styles and healing attachment wounds is a topic so near and dear to my heart, because I don't just teach this stuff, I've lived it. As a child of divorce, my parents were always on the move, and we lived on the edge of poverty most of the time. I became a high achiever to compensate, until my relationship struggles tore down everything I’d accomplished, and I wound up a divorced, single mom. 

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Then, both my parents and my brother were diagnosed with serious, chronic illnesses. And the new partner I had fallen madly in love with couldn’t prioritize me or stay faithful. When he left, my heart broke anew, and I miscarried what would’ve been my second child. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 12.22.28 PM

I decided to dive straight down into my demons, and write a book about attachment and grief. Writing the book emboldened me to shed my shame, and learned how to move from an insecure to a secure attachment style! This led to creating the curriculum for my online courses, such as Healing Attachment Wounds, and building an online community for support. Much to my delight, both caught fire, and I’ve never looked back!

what you will learn

Anxious Attachment 101 walks you through a 3-phase transformational process, over the course of 7 steps, to help you adopt a more secure attachment style.

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Exploring Icon

Phase 1 addresses the growth challenges of the Exploring stage - expanding consciousness and building an emotional vocabulary.

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In the Exploring phase, you may feel wounded from past relationships, or fearful of getting hurt again.

You feel an urgent need for solutions, and may have started to read self-help books or seek counseling and therapy. This provides some relief, but NOT as much as you want.

You continue to struggle with an underlying sense of yearning and desperation. The feelings just won’t go away, even though you may have gained some insight into them.

Growth in this phase revolves around assessing your attachment style, and acknowledging the grief of attachment wounding. This leads to expanding consciousness around it, and building a vocabulary for feeling states and coping skills.


FEELING STUCK in "codependent" behaviors & patterns, struggling with a soul-deep feeling of loss that you just can't shake...

FEELING FRUSTRATED & OVERWHELMED by your emotions, unable to soothe your anxiety, or stop a freight train of automatic negative thoughts from derailing your confidence in love...

GETTING CAUGHT in the same relationship pattern over & over again (even though you were wary of all the red flags, and all signs said it’d be different this time)...


Have SHIFTED from confused to consciously aware of the negative impact that anxious attachment impulses may have had on your attachment relationships.

Have DISCOVERED how to accurately identify your feelings & embrace them as important communicators of your intuition.

NEVER again blindly fall into insecure relationships or toxic romantic situations, that violate your boundaries.

success story

"For the first time in my life, I feel secure...Briana has a much deeper understanding of attachment styles than most of the renowned experts have."



Check out Kairi's story of how she found "an amazing secure man" who has become her "rock in the storm" soon after taking my course, Anxious Attachment 101!

Specifically, Kairi found the arts-based experientials made the biggest impact for her, in affecting changes in her felt experiences, and being able to identify, sort, and name her feelings...beyond pure intellectual understanding and insight.

If you feel like you have plenty of insight, but struggle to FEEL differently or to attract healthier partners, you're not gonna wanna miss Kairi's story!

And if you're ready to experience these amazing changes yourself, enroll now!


Phase 2 addresses the growth challenges of the Discovering stage - skill building and sophistication, managing “relapse”, and expanding spiritual maturity.

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In the Discovering stage, much of the knowledge and research you’ve done starts to synthesize. 

You manage to create spaciousness around your uncomfortable feelings, and your yearnings become less poignant. You now understand (and are more willing to sit with) these feelings in their proper context.

In this phase, old stuff you thought you’d processed may resurface, and you may struggle with feelings of failure, or thinking you’ve regressed or relapsed.

Growth in this phase includes recognizing that old stuff comes up, because you’re now strong enough to process it with a new level of sophistication - one that fosters the spiritual maturity you seek - in addition to expanding your consciousness!



NEEDED ANSWERS about why your insecurities and unhealthy attachment patterns come up again, whenever you meet a new partner (i.e. experienced romantic relapse/regression)...

BEEN FRUSTRATED that you’ve set your intentions, visualized what you want, and seem to be chasing it down… but it’s still not showing up for you...

SEARCHED FOR RESOURCES to “retrain” your mind and heart, so you can actually build strong, lasting relationships with people who “just get you”...


ESTABLISH  SAFETY IN THE BODY and your inner world using a guided visualization, which reduces "knee-jerk" arousal responses to unhealthy partners.

IDENTIFY TWO PATHS TO ANXIETY and how they create strengths, which can also function as “weaknesses”, and unwittingly lead to self-sabotage.

EMBRACE 3 CORE STRENGTHS of the Open Heart and how to use them, including EMPATHY as an Open Heart's greatest resource and superpower!

success story

“I’d been in counseling for about 2.5 years, and had gotten stuck... I thought the course would help me get unstuck with some stuff, and I was right; it did! And some of the things that have been big for me, I didn’t necessarily expect. Having a way to get through the anxious jumbly mess has been very helpful for me. If you're at the point where you're even considering this, you know you have patterns in your life that have not been beneficial. Why do it to yourself, if there is an option for help?” 



Daina found me on YouTube, after experiencing an on-again-off-again relationship--which I call "the anxious-avoidant trap."

Daina gained insight into what the issues had been in her family background that was affecting her current relationships, as well as gained clarity around how to engage with her own children.

Daina also felt she had made tremendous progress in only 4 months since she began working with my program, as compared to the previous 2.5 years she had spent in counseling.

To learn more, watch the video! And enroll today. 


Phase 3 addresses the growth challenges of the Loving stage. Here, you implement your newfound skills, to step into your authority as a CO-CREATOR in your relationships!

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In the Loving phase, you have come to a place of understanding and forgiveness towards yourself, and towards previous partners. There is a sense of resilience that makes you feel fully sovereign in your mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

At this time, you may want and need to reconnect with people, and possibly a new partner or current partner, on a more authentic and intimate level. Your openness to give and receive love has expanded with increasing self love and acceptance. You feel like It’s time to take off the training wheels and try again.

There may be lingering doubts or fears that this new level of connection could trigger old patterns of relating; however these fears are not debilitating. You feel capable of managing them well enough to move forward.

Growth in this phase revolves around implementing the skills you have learned; including prioritizing self care, maintaining a spiritual practice, creating genuine and authentic space for a respectful and healthy partner in your life, letting go of judgment, and assuming the authority you have to be a co-creator in your relationships.



MANAGING YOUR DOUBTS about whether you deserve real love, whether it’s attainable for YOU specifically, and/or moving to a heart-centered place in your relationship?

GROWING in spiritual maturity, and feeling like it’s taking waaaay too long, or that it all seems so pointless without real results?

TRUSTING that you’re on the right path, because you're “stuck in the middle” after some solid growth, and wanting to believe there's gotta be more?


HAVE COMPLETED a reframing focus wheel exercise, to INSTALL NEW AFFIRMATIVE BELIEFS that open up the possibilities for you - and put the kibosh on automatic negative thinking.


HAVE GROWN from feeling fearful, angry & disconnected from your body, to STANDING SOVEREIGN IN YOUR SACRED TEMPLE, ready to GIVE and RECEIVE LOVE, beyond insecurity!

success story

"Your course and activities empowered me to live without anxiety holding me back in relationships; I now have a better understanding of myself that's already improved my quality of life and enabled me to get back out there after a recent divorce. I just finished the Anxious Attachment 101 course two days ago, and I already found myself... feeling confident and hopeful, as opposed to anxious and worried. The MacWilliam Method works, and I recommend it to anyone with anxiety."




60+ Page downloadable workbook and activities and assignments

13 Audio lectures

17 Experiential lectures, video tutorials and guided meditations

Lifetime access to all course content

PLUS 3 Valuable Bonus Offers!

anxious attachment 101 steps

Bonus #1

Lifetime Access to The Private Student Group on Facebook

($997 Value)

Once you've enrolled, you will gain lifetime access to a paid, private Facbeook group and community forum where you can post your assignments, ask questions, get feedback from me, and participate in the discussion with other community members!

This is a bonus offer you won't want to miss!

anxious attachment 101 steps (1)

Bonus #2

Lifetime Access To 1 Monthly Livestream Q&A

($2,000 Value)

Part of my commitment to holding your hand through this process is being available to answer questions and flesh out ideas and concepts in real-time. There is something really special that happens in the live space, and you never know what new insights will be channeled and/or discovered together! This bonus grants you access to 1 Livestream per month, hosted inside the private student group, on Facebook.

anxious attachment 101 steps (4)

Bonus #3

A Bonus Toolkit for Lasting Change

Take charge of your future and experience lasting change with these creative techniques.

($497 Value)

Once you've gained all the knowledge Anxious Attachment 101 has to offer, the next question may be, "Okay, so how do I maintain this in practice and experience lasting changes?"

That is what your "Bonus Toolkit for Lasting Change" is for!

As you glide into the Loving Phase, you'll be well-supported by  7 bonus lectures that will demonstrate how to implement 4 ESSENTIAL TECHNIQUES for taking charge of your future and maintaining lasting change in your life.

As A Result of This Toolkit, You Will be able to...

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR ENERGY; learn the five steps to locate the anxious “charge” in your body.

INCREASE RELAXATION AND EMOTIONAL HARMONY, using an embodied experiential exercise and guided visualization to balance your most important energy centers.

ADOPT AN ATTITUDE OF SELF ADVOCACY when faced with new challenges, using a special tool to organize and express your emotional boundaries.

NAME, CLAIM, AND EXTERNALIZE YOUR INNER CRITIC; learn 3 steps to take hold of the critical voice and automatic negative thinking that keeps you paralyzed by perfectionism.

CREATE EMOTIONAL SAFETY for both you and your partners, using a guided visualization.

GROUND INTO SELF LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE with a special exercise derived from The MacWilliam Method(TM).

This is a bonus you don't want to miss!


Even if you skim over the lectures and the workbook, the experiential practices are powerful enough to start feeling increased attachment security, immediately.

You don't need to be a therapist or counselor in training.

You don't need to take every yoga class within a 5 mile radius and learn to meditate for hours a day.

You don't even need to be actively dating!

Anyone can quickly attract and/or cultivate the relationship of their dreams, with effective tools for healing anxious attachment and harnessing the awesome power of your creative energy, so you can start to feel more secure, immediately.

ATTACHMENT 101 sales page design (3)
the benefits of secure attachment

VOICING your needs without fear of your partner running away or emotionally punishing you, expecting that to bring you closer,

DETERMINING your real “intuition:” vs. a “triggered” emotional response - which empowers you & honors your emotional boundaries in love,

WAITING only minutes, rather than hours (or even days or weeks!), for a return text or phone call.

NOT WORRYING over wandering eyes, because you know you have their rapt attention (the type of relentless devotion you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies).

EXPERIENCING sex & emotional intimacy as a unified, sensual, spiritual experience.

CREATING exciting plans for the future & watching your partner make them happen as soon as possible.

VACATIONING together and spending quality time with each other's friends & family, without getting friend-zoned or losing that “special spark”.

TAKING SPACE to pursue passion projects, so you come back together renewed, bubbling over with new things to share & talk about!

more success stories

I decided to purchase this course because I was not honoring my needs, I was in an anxious-avoidant trap. I wanted to manifest a love I truly deserved and I did not want to settle down for less anymore.

My favorite art practice was the Inside Outside mask because it really brought to the surface what was sitting down in my unconscious. It was the key to my self-discovery.

My biggest takeaway or insight from the program was That I had nothing wrong. I was not too sensitive, I was not asking too much from a relationship. My neediness is something to feel and go through, rather than judging and condemning it.

I would recommend taking this course because It helped me in manifesting a securely attached relationship and the love I truly deserved.

-Clarissa Perrone

I decided to purchase this course because I was struggling in the area of intimate relationships to be the person I wanted to be. After a successful 18 year marriage with a wonderful securely attached man who died prematurely, I became drawn to avoidant or unavailable potential partners, got attached, and then hurt. In a relationship with a Rolling Stone, I was unable to process my emotions and got into unmanageable emotional states with an intense and irrational fear of abandonment. I couldn’t find ways to soothe my wounded inner child. And I couldn’t walk away until I discovered Brianna’s work snd that helped me see what was happening and walk away, and work in myself so that I’m coming from a more enlightened place in future relationships. I’m dating again and I have this new clarity about what I’m looking for and what I’m NOT looking for!

My favorite aspects were the short meditations and art-based experientials as they helped me to understand my emotions.

My biggest takeaway or insight from the program was …a feeling of optimism about the future! Whereas before I felt despondent.

I would recommend taking this course because …it will give you a birds-eye view of your relationship patterns, increase your awareness, potentially change your behaviors and create different outcomes. Just do it!!

-Elizabeth Withyman

I purchased the Anxious Attachment 101 Course because I am no stranger to that anxious-avoidant trap.

I found Briana's lectures to be extremely helpful. She has a way of simplifying things and making things seem normal and acceptable with content that often doesn't carry that kind of label with it, and can often be very stigmatizing. I was getting information in a way that really spoke to the deepest, inner parts of me that I wasn't even always aware really existed.

I will say that the body involvement in the guided meditations with the art experientials really manages to pack a pretty strong, powerful three-two punch in combination with the lectures. So that is something that you really have to do all of them together. It required me to really quiet or still my inner critic and approach it with an open mind and a curiosity. But once I was able to do that, I was able to start making some pretty profound breakthroughs on my attachment self-discovery journey.

if you approach it with an open mind, it really does have an ability to make changes and provide real progress, not just intellectual progress...I wouldn't have been able to do that without that Anxious Attachment 101 Course.

-Ginny Barron


This Course Includes...

60+ Page downloadable workbook and activities and assignments

13 Audio lectures

17 Experiential lectures, video tutorials and guided meditations

Lifetime access to all course content

PLUS 3 Valuable Bonus Offers!


When was the last time you felt at ease, joyful, optimistic and deeply satisfied with your love life? What I teach in Anxious Attachment 101 will help you feel more secure and confident in relationships, and experience the kind of satisfying love life you desire!

More than that, it will help you save...


TIME FEELING STUCK in "codependent" behaviors & patterns like people-pleasing, perfectionism and care-taking, that orient you towards needing to "earn love" and missing the "challenge" to prove yourself, when it’s not there.

THE AGONY OF BEING SICK & TIRED of  a dismal dating scene and digital "FOMO" culture, or a ticking biological clock that demands "you better settle, if you want kids".

WASTED ENERGY from worrying about red flags & struggling with a scarcity attitude about love, believing, "This must be the best I can do".

CONFUSION OVER how you can show compassion & love, without sacrificing your own needs, or what you really want in a relationship.

Not to mention the time and money spent in therapeutic approaches that do not work.

Western psychology approaches mental health by increasing talk therapy. Now, talk therapy can help you UNDERSTAND a problem better, but that doesn’t mean you’ll FEEL or DO anything differently. Otherwise, you’d probably already be in the relationship of your dreams!

This leads to having a "DOUBLE TROUBLE" issue, which is when:

You start WORRYING about how much you’re worrying,

Or feeling ANXIOUS about how anxious you are.

Or becoming more DEPRESSED about how depressed you feel.

And that’s all your therapist seems to want to talk about, while charging by the hour. 

When you acknowledge the energy tied up in your attachment wounds, experience radical changes in your life and the relationships in it!

You INHABIT your body with pleasure, ease and receptivity.

You ATTRACT healthier partners.

You STOP telling old, painful stories and building your identity around them.

You EMBRACE an attitude of compassion towards yourself and others.

You START living a life that lights you on fire, from your crown to your toes!

Attract loving, secure partners, while embracing your most powerful and sovereign self, no fake it 'til you make it required. (3)

For a fraction of counseling/talk therapy costs, this course delivers tangible results - in just seven lessons of FUN and CREATIVE experiential instruction!

My clients are smart and savvy individuals, but unfortunately, they’ve wasted a lot of time, money, and energy on approaches that don’t work - like therapy sessions that cost $200+ per hour, or $2,400 for three months of sessions!

For a fraction of counseling/talk therapy costs, this course delivers tangible results - in just seven lessons of FUN and CREATIVE experiential instruction!

It’s a lifetime-access roadmap, that holds your hand through body-activating, experiential techniques.

You need to learn and practice these, if you want to shift your attachment style, and experience a SECURE and LOVING relationship.


This Course Includes...

60+ Page downloadable workbook and activities and assignments

13 Audio lectures

17 Experiential lectures, video tutorials and guided meditations

Lifetime access to all course content

PLUS 3 Valuable Bonus Offers!


Anxious Attachment 101 is so unique, because we apply The MacWilliam Method to a 3-phase transformational process. 

With The MacWilliam Method™, you’ll have a unique experience of increasing conscious awareness, and the ability to harness your energy with intention, as evolving from three core principles and tools: 1) Cognitive Reframing, 2) Body-Activation, and 3) Arts-Based Experientials.

Whereas love scripts tell you what to say in very specific, static situations, The MacWilliam Method™ teaches you a foundational, step-by-step approach.

meditating colored final

You’ll learn to decode your defensive responses via hands-on exercises and skills, for navigating your emotional and energetic "vibe."

This means you’ll possess the tools to effectively communicate in an emotionally honest way, using your own words, and adapt to the ever-changing emotional landscape of adult relationships.

Instead of falling down a red flag rabbit hole, The MacWilliam Method™ will help you to understand the value in using your discernment, without slipping into judgement.


This will help prevent you from slipping into rigid exclusion, and recreating the same unhealthy patterns in love. It will help you retrain automatic negative thought patterns, and open up your energy to receive healthy partners when they present themselves to you, (not just ruling out the inappropriate ones!).

Instead of focusing on self-improvement, The MacWilliam Method™ also assumes an attitude of radical self-compassion.

GREEN HANDS colored final

The trick is tapping into the body's resources and vital energy - so you can stop head-focused energy from generating painful "double troubles" before they begin. This includes mindfulness, guided visualizations, and art-making to help channel and diffuse anxious energy… instead of adding more momentum to the issue by pushing or pulling against it, or trying to obsessively "fix" it.

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 4.56.04 PM

Just imagine, what if instead of feeling stuck in codependent patterns, agonizing over a dismal dating scene, wasting your energy on worrying about red flags, and feeling confused over how to be compassionate without compromising your needs, you might be able to...

TRUST your intuition & feel IN CONTROL when an insecurity or trigger pops up out of nowhere.

SQUASH “automatic negative thoughts” - before they spiral out of control.

SIT BACK & RELAX while your partner takes initiative to call you first, and frequently plans your activities together.

UPGRADE from walking on eggshells, to experiencing loving exchanges with an adoring partner who respects your boundaries & supports you in all you do.

SPEAK AUTHENTICALLY & vulnerably, having your partner sincerely care and listen, without dismissing or invalidating your feelings.

EXPERIENCE conflicts in love as opportunities for deepening intimacy with a partner that views arguments as a chance to learn how to be a better partner to YOU.

UNDERSTAND your partner’s motivations, so you can show up as the most compassionate & inspiring lover they've ever had.

LET GO of a fear of not being good enough, so you can finally attract & allow yourself to RECEIVE the type of soul-shaking love from a secure partner.

CLEARLY ARTICULATE your values & priorities, so you can voice your needs, and get them met.

creative inspiration
Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.10.11 PM

“The exposed chest cavity signifies the raw vulnerability I am experiencing. I want it to remain open even though it feels scary and exposed…because in actuality, it is a warm and nurturing place…It feels messy and emotional, but I am willing to sit with the ‘seed’ until it starts to grow in the world. Thank you, Briana, for helping me see this opportunity.”


Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.10.02 PM

This work has me poised to see what happens next in my deepening my relationship to my body…Mindfulness and using art in that pursuit are the ways I want to begin to address this gap in awareness. It’s a challenge I accept in receiving this piece of the puzzle of myself.”


Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.09.40 PM

“Thank you for the opportunity to do this work. I really enjoyed the process and found it to be engaging and insightful. I found that each experience built on the previous challenge in a flowing way.   It was a lovely step by step reintroduction to my divine feminine culminating in a true feeling of acceptance of myself as a whole.”

-Leanne Northwood

success story

"It's an amazing course, very potent with education and information...I would definitely say take it; it's extremely helpful!"

-Janeen Mary LCAT


Checkout this testimonial in which expert grief counselor and creative arts therapist, Janeen Mary, reflects on the intersections between grief and anxious attachment, and offers high praise for this course, for anxious individuals.


This Course Includes...

60+ Page downloadable workbook and activities and assignments

13 Audio lectures

17 Experiential lectures, video tutorials and guided meditations

Lifetime access to all course content

PLUS 3 Valuable Bonus Offers!


This course is for you if you feel inspired to...

LEARN foundational concepts for how to completely change damaging core belief systems and automatic negative thoughts.

BECOME increasingly emotionally intelligent, optimistic, confident & perceptive - while maintaining healthy boundaries.

INVEST the time & effort towards genuine self-reflection & take meaningful personal inventory.

ASK BIG QUESTIONS about the mysteries of the Universe & your place in it.

EXPLORE creative processes & approaches that might feel a little strange or silly at first - but allow you to explore your own greater depths with pleasure & ease.

BELIEVE your love relationships are a worthy investment of time, money & focused energy.


This course is NOT for you if...

You want formulaic love scripts, that are more about emotional manipulation, than emotional honesty.

You want to be spoon-fed quick “fix it” solutions, that require NO effort or self-reflection.

You think spirituality is a bunch of NONSENSE and “woo-woo” for simple-minded people.

You are UNWILLING to ask big questions & allow yourself to sit with the ambiguity of not knowing the answer right away.

You are NOT OPEN to new ways of seeing & doing things, like creative exercises and activities.

You DON’T BELIEVE your love relationships are important enough to invest in.

it's all possible

Still harboring doubts about whether you should purchase this course?

I get it: sometimes it’s hard to BELIEVE the soul-shaking love of your dreams is even possible.

I’m here to tell you… It is ALL possible for you:

All the PASSION…





The special VACATIONS…


Looking into each other's eyes, and just KNOWING what the other is thinking…

LICKING BURRITO JUICE off each other's faces (or is that just me?)...

exists inside you

Negative relational patterns - and the cynical worldview they create - can be undone. You can RELAX into the brightest luminescence that is your SPIRIT.

This process allows you to step into a state of being on FIYAH about life, and sharing that brilliance with a “stars-in-their-eyes” lover.

You CANNOT make radical transformations, or attract abundance into your life (romantic or otherwise) ALONE.

And you certainly can't experience radical improvements with the same behavioral patterns and mindsets you've always had. Figure out what sparks YOUR fire. 

STAY the course… and FIND a tribe that’ll support you every step of the journey.

Let Anxious Attachment 101 be that first step for you. Here's to your BREAKTHROUGH!

more success stories
Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 8.39.39 PM

Liz experienced a string of painful break ups with with partners that would “simmer” and then “ghost” her without explanation, which would lead her down a spiral of feeling invisible and “not good enough.” After taking this course, Liz was able to spot a “ghoster” a mile away, and recognized how patterns of self-doubt and insecurity evolved from well-intentioned, but damaging messages she received in her seemingly “normal” upbringing. With the tools she learned in this course, she felt more confident and capable than ever before, and within 3 months of completing the curriculum,  met someone she felt was “a real contender.”

“I can’t tell you what a BIG difference it made to understand why and how my insecurities were convincing me I needed explanations from men that just did not deserve my energy. It also cleared up a lot of confusion around certain family dynamics that always perplexed me. The best part is the eperientials, though. If nothing else, make sure you do those!” 

-Elizabeth Zhou, 34

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 5.13.43 PM

Alan often found himself attracted to strong capable women, who found his tender heart inviting and endearing-until he’d ask for more emotional investment from them. Out of respect, he would take a step back and let them take the lead, telling them to reach when ready...only...they never did. After taking this course, Alan learned about the secret impact of energy over action, and was able to strongly articulate his wants and desires to his current partner, without needing her permission, first. He was shocked to find her responding more positively to this more decisive version of himself, and their relationship improved!

“The guided visualizations and ‘building an emotional vocabulary’ were the most effective tools for me. The lectures were great, but I am a “doer” and this let me “do” something when I was feeling anxious, which immediately made me feel more relaxed and confident in myself. I highly recommend this course.”

-Alan Hendricks 32

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 5.13.59 PM

Fatima struggled with a history of being overly  accommodating towards domineering partners who rarely took her needs into consideration. “Boundaries” were also a mystery to her, and as a serial monogomist, she struggled to know who she was, outside of romantic relationship. For Fatima, tapping into her spirit through the experiential exercises unleashed a lot of anger, but also tremendous  joy in finding out who she really was. Learning to date and have fun, WITHOUT over committing, was what Fatima considered to be her biggest win with this course. 

After the exercises in this course, I cried (multiple times) for the scared little girl in me.  I actually had a feeling that I matter and that I am loved.  I felt a sense of love and compassion for myself.  Thank you, Briana.  I’m finally able to go deeper and heal.”

-Fatima Patel, 36


This Course Includes...

60+ Page downloadable workbook and activities and assignments

13 Audio lectures

17 Experiential lectures, video tutorials and guided meditations

Lifetime access to all course content

PLUS 3 Valuable Bonus Offers!



Does this count as psychotherapy, and will my insurance cover it?

This content is not considered psychotherapy, and it is not covered under insurance, but we anticipate you will experience some psychotherapeutic benefit, in the realms of self help and personal growth.

Important to note: If you are struggling with active psychosis, severe mental illness, self harming behaviors, suicidality, or recent hospitalization, we do not advise consuming this content without the supervision of a licensed, trauma-informed psychotherapist. 

What if I sign up but then change my mind?

Your course purchase comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. If you don't like the course, you can contact us within 14 days of purchase, and you will receive your money back, no questions asked. You may contact us at Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

What is the time commitment?

We recommend committing one hour a day, for 5 days. However, once you have purchased the course, you have lifetime access to the materials, and you can complete the lessons at your own convenience. 

What if I have questions?

If you have questions, we invite you to pose them inside the private student group on Facebook, where all paying members of our community have lifetime access to monthly livestreams and can gain feedback from Briana, and/or her team. You may also contact us at Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Does Briana Offer Private Coaching Sessions?

At this time, Briana does not offer private coaching. However, you are invited to join her during the live group coaching calls and Q&A sessions inside the paid, private Facebook group, 1x per month, to ask your questions and gain direct feedback.