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Introduction & Framework

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Welcome to your Avoidant Attachment 101 course!

In this course, we are going to move you through 4 overarching phases, to help you feel more confident while magnetizing a loving, secure partner, and or turning your existing relationship into a more secure relationship.

Before we dive into how these phases apply to your personal journey through this curriculum, I want to explain the framework with which we will be exploring these topics, and that is my unique approach, The MacWilliam Method™ (TMM).

TMM utilizes a psycho-spiritual approach to applying creative arts interventions, through the framework of attachment theory. TMM is informed by evidence-based practices in attachment and trauma research but is rooted in creative arts interventions as the primary healing modality.

The directives in this course have been modified for self-directed, experiential learning, and they are coupled with live support and discussion in a private group forum.

What makes this approach different?

Western psychology approaches mental health by increasing talk therapy. Talk therapy can help you UNDERSTAND a problem better, but that doesn’t mean you’ll FEEL or DO anything differently. Otherwise, you’d probably already be in the relationship of your dreams! This leads to having a "DOUBLE TROUBLE" issue, which is when…

  • You start WORRYING about how much you’re worrying,
  • Or feeling ANXIOUS about how anxious you are.
  • Or becoming more DEPRESSED about how depressed you feel.

When you acknowledge the energy tied up in your attachment wounds, experience radical changes in your life and the relationships in it!

You INHABIT your body with pleasure, ease and receptivity.

You ATTRACT healthier partners.

You STOP telling old, painful stories and building your identity around them.

You EMBRACE an attitude of compassion towards yourself and others.

You START living a life that lights you on fire, from your crown to your toes!

With The MacWilliam Method™, you’ll accomplish this through a unique experience of increasing conscious awareness, and the ability to harness your energy with intention, as evolving from three core principles and tools: 1) Cognitive Reframing, 2) Body-Activation, and 3) Arts-Based Experientials.

Whereas love scripts tell you what to say in very specific, static situations, TMM teaches you a foundational, step-by-step approach.

You’ll learn to decode your defensive responses via hands-on exercises and skills, for navigating your emotional and energetic "vibe."

This means you’ll possess the tools to effectively communicate in an emotionally honest way, using your own words, and adapt to the ever-changing emotional landscape of adult relationships.

Instead of falling down a red flag rabbit hole, TMM will help you to understand the value in using your discernment, without slipping into judgment.

This will help prevent you from slipping into rigid exclusion and recreating the same unhealthy patterns in love. It will help you retrain automatic negative thought patterns, and open up your energy to receive healthy partners when they present themselves to you, (not just ruling out the inappropriate ones!).

Instead of focusing on self-improvement, TMM also assumes an attitude of radical self-compassion.

The trick is tapping into the body's resources and vital energy - so you can stop head-focused energy from generating painful "double troubles" before they begin. This includes mindfulness, guided visualizations, and art-making to help channel and diffuse anxious energy… instead of adding more momentum to the issue by pushing or pulling against it, or trying to obsessively "fix" it.

It's important to realize that all the insight in the world is not necessarily going to make you feel any differently!

Research has shown that attachment styles change; but not if you are left alone in isolation, and not if you are only talking about it!

Once you learn what your attachment style is, you’ll have the key to decoding your most painful struggles in love and start experiencing radical changes in your relationships.

If you are here, you already have some idea of what your attachment style may be. Great job!

Next, let's explore the 4 phases of moving toward a more secure attachment style.

Overview: 4 Healing Phases

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