Welcome to step 5! Today, we are going to dive deep into the biggest thing that keeps us stuck in push-pull relationships: blame games.  This lesson aims to tackle the most controversial topic of emotional influence, so you can learn to take responsibility for your love life, without assuming more fault than is your due, while still taking responsibility for yourself. If you’ve ever wondered if you had a “right” to want something or to hold a partner accountable for their behaviors, this lesson is for you!

Step 5 on this journey will include...

  • An EXPLORATION of blame’s utility and the necessary “splitting” that must occur for us to accomplish self-advocacy and personal autonomy. 
  • THREE IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF EMOTIONAL INFLUENCE, and how blame games can evolve from boundary confusion.
  • An examination of THREE ESSENTIAL BOUNDARIES in love, and how to articulate them. 

By the end of step 5, you will…

  • HAVE THE TOOLS TO recognize where you’re assuming too much blame and responsibility, and where you’re not assuming enough.
  • ESCAPE THE BLAME GAMES in your relationships, while improving your personal boundaries and still showing up compassionately and responsibly to your partners. 
  • JOYFULLY EMBRACE “BLAMELESS RESPONSIBILITY” and start taking charge of your life.

Be sure to have your workbook handy for this lesson!

5.A. Blame Games
5.B. Fault vs Responsibility
5.C Intention vs Impact
5.D Degrees of Emotional Influence
5.C. Activity: Exploring Energetic Cords
Review: What Have You Learned?

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