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7 Steps for the disorganized Spice of Lifer to go from self-doubting to self-sovereign, and attract the soul-shaking, passionate partnership of their dreams, without spending time and money in therapy, with no result.

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success stories

Jenna had no trouble meeting people she found interesting and would quickly get infatuated. After about three to six months, however, things would fizzle, and her amorous feelings would turn off for no reason. After taking my course, she realized there were deep seeded fears of intimacy that kept her safe by numbing her emotions once things got serious. Six months after taking my course she felt more secure than ever before, and year later, she was in a committed relationship with a healthy partner. 

“I used to be afraid that secure relationships were boring relationships and I’d just wind up hurting a good person. But focusing on my own healing actually demystified my feelings of attraction and now I know I can have both passion and security.” - Jenna O'Quinn


Kaitlin was a single mother who left a 10-year abusive relationship. In the dating world, she conflicted about her attraction to emotionally unavailable men, because on the one hand, they felt safely distant, but on the other hand, she anxiously worried they didn’t really love her and were likely cheating on her. Ultimately, her resentment and suspicion would ruin any relationship she tried to cultivate. After taking my course, Kaitlin was able to process her trauma, and let go of the hurt and self-blame. Once she learned to relax and trust her own loveability and discernment again, she met a secure partner within 9 months of completing the program.

“I would continually fall down a red flag rabbit hole, and I couldn’t see my way out of it. Then I took Briana’s course, and a veil was lifted. I learned to soften and receive love, instead of just protect and defend myself. I shudder to think of where I’d be now if I hadn’t taken this course.”

- Kaitlin Foster


Felix was a manager in his family business, who carried a lot of responsibility for taking care of his family. He received many dismissive and punitive messages growing up, about sacrificing himself for the good of everyone else’s happiness and making things go smoothly. This made him try really hard and move really fast when courting women in the beginning, and then resent them and withdraw when they got too close. Then, he’d self soothe with alcohol, food, porn, or online gaming. After taking this program, Felix recognized he had little to no boundaries with his family, and it was negatively impacting his relationships. Within 6 months of completing the course, he’d quit the family job and started his own online business. He’d also started dating someone new, and was conscientiously taking things slow.

“The step-by-step exercises for identifying and stating your boundaries were a game-changer for me. It helped me declare my independence, even if my folks were still a little sore about it. But I know now its okay for them to have sad feelings. And I’m happier than I’ve ever been, doing my own thing, and dating someone that admires that about me.”

- Felix Patterson