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The 5-Day Courageous Communication Challenge

Empowering adults with insecure attachment styles to express their needs easily, navigate conflicts fairly, and deepen the intimacy, whether partnered or single.


Are you sick of getting triggered by cyclical arguments that never seem to get anywhere, and only leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, desperate, and/or afraid of being rejected or abandoned by your partner?

Or maybe you are left with a sense of futility, failure, and hopelessness about the relationship, convinced that you and your partner must not be right for each other, or maybe you think you better end it now, before the other shoe drops.

If this sounds familiar, there is hope!

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“I have struggled with feeling rejected and getting triggered when my partners have asked for space, in the past. It always left me feeling overwhelmed and not good enough. The best thing about this course, for me, is that it taught me to identify how my fear is making me act in ways that push my partners away, and also see things from their perspective, without getting personally bent out of shape. I also really liked the practical exercises and the guided visualization with the art making. I have already recommended this course to several of my friends.”

– Tiffany H.

what you will learn

The biggest communication pitfall most people make without even realizing it, plus 1 highly-effective and persuasive communication tip to make sure you get what you need, while your partner gets what they need.

6 Self-assessment questions to help you cut through vagueness and confusion, so you can clarify your needs and priorities today, and stop worrying about being “reasonable!”

You will also learn 5 steps on how to prevent conflict in your relationships. This includes stopping a triggered conflict before it spirals out of control, and how to repair a conflict in a way that deepens the intimacy between you.

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“This course opened my eyes to what was really going on my previous relationship…If only I’d had this info sooner! Briana provides very detailed explanations and really walks you through several hands-on activities, so you can start speaking from the heart, instead of from a defensive position. Trust me, this course – definitely worth checking out!”

– Eric Masterson


Rather than your partner shutting down and running for the hills, they pull you close and whisper “Thank you for telling me, let’s work this out.” 

Being able to recognize and communicate your needs fearlessly, and having your partner love and respect you all the more for it; “I had no idea you needed that, I’m happy to know how I can support you.” 

Knowing ahead of time how and why your partner might react to certain situations, based on their attachment style, and knowing just the right words to put them at ease and get them to listen to you; “That’s not easy for me to hear, but I feel closer to you, now that you told me.”

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“The most helpful thing for me was the chart where we map out our defensive, surface-structure communications, and then try to figure out what the more honest and authentic deep-structure communication might be. It gave me a lot of “ah ha” moments that actually helped me develop more empathy for my partner, when I thought he was just being controlling and manipulative. Now, I am a lot slower to react or jump to conclusions when I feel triggered.”

– Allison K.