The 5-Day Courageous Communication Challenge

Empowering adults with insecure attachment styles to express their needs easily, navigate conflicts fairly, and deepen the intimacy, whether partnered or single.

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Day 1

Day 1: The Biggest Pitfall in Communication + 1 Highly Effective Tip To Fix It

In today's live event, we reviewed the biggest communication pitfall in relationships, and 1 highly effective tip to help insecure couples connect more deeply, instead of defensively.

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Day 3
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Interested in The Courageous Communicator Live Group Coaching Program?


This is a 6-month live, group coaching program including tips, tools and scripts to fearlessly express your needs and navigate conflicts fairly, so you can deepen the intimacy, whether partnered or single.

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"I have struggled with feeling rejected and getting triggered when my partners have asked for space, in the past. It always left me feeling overwhelmed and not good enough. The best thing about this course, for me, is that it taught me to identify how my fear is making me act in ways that push my partners away, and also see things from their perspective, without getting personally bent out of shape. I also really liked the practical exercises and the guided visualization with the art making. I have already recommended this course to several of my friends."

Tiffany H.

This Program Includes...

Unlimited 90-Minute Communication Workshop Intensives

Four private 1:1 sessions with a success coach- Receive the hand-holding and support you need during onboarding and at the end of each milestone in the course.

Fearless Communication Framework - 9 downloadable fill-in-the blank workbook templates 

Accelerated Intimacy Scripts - Common triggers to avoid and what to say instead

Somatic Awareness Audio Guides - Audio recordings that will help you recognize and release the constricted energy in the body that feeds attachment anxiety, 

Creative Exercises For Heart-Centered Connections - Nonverbal activities to access your creative, life force energy 

Self-Directed Lessons - Weekly 90-minute self-directed lessons broken down into digestible snippets

Courageous Communicator Community - Exclusive private Facebook group where you may post your assignments for direct feedback

Bonuses - 3 Expert guest presentations PLUS, lifetime access to the student alumni group, and to monthly live, Q&A sessions and replays

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"This course opened my eyes to what was really going on my previous relationship...If only I'd had this info sooner! Briana provides very detailed explanations and really walks you through several hands-on activities, so you can start speaking from the heart, instead of from a defensive position. Trust me, this course — definitely worth checking out!"

Eric Masterson

Plus, VIP Bonuses Are Still Available!

Enroll Now and gain access to these incredible VIP bonuses!

Your VIP bonuses include three practical and effective self-directed courses that will augment your enrollment in The Courageous Communicator, and help you experience results even faster!

These bonuses combined are an $800 value, for FREE when you enroll now!

personal boundaries bonus


($197 Value)

Learning to establish and communicate your boundaries is extremely important. But what if you struggle to recognize your own needs and know what you're feeling, in the first place?

This course includes 5 fun and creative experiential lessons to help you decode and define your personal boundaries on an embodied level, so you can cut through confusion, reduce conflict, and express yourself with confidence.

tapping bonus


($197 Value)

When it comes to romantic relationships, EFT Tapping can be especially helpful in reducing anxiety, improving self-confidence, and overcoming relationship insecurity.

This course is designed to walk you through both the traditional approach to EFT Tapping techniques, and my unique scripted method with tapping. This will include three done-for-you scripts, focusing on love, money, and body image; the three biggest intersecting struggles for folks with insecure attachment styles.

ignite bonus


($197 Value)

If you think changing the way you communicate is denying who you are... this program is for you. These beliefs leave you disempowered, because communicating masterfully, is a skill and superpower ANYONE can develop. In this course, learn a step-by-step process to take the fear out of your desire, how to identify two important types of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, activate and open your heart chakra, and 10x your attractive energy, so you can magnetize the partner of your dreams (or revitalize your current relationship)!

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"The most helpful thing for me was the chart where we map out our defensive, surface-structure communications, and then try to figure out what the more honest and authentic deep-structure communication might be. It gave me a lot of "ah ha" moments that actually helped me develop more empathy for my partner, when I thought he was just being controlling and manipulative. Now, I am a lot slower to react or jump to conclusions when I feel triggered."

Allison K.