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Now that you'll have a wealth of knowledge and awareness around the core issues generated by a disorganized attachment style, you're going to want to know how your partner’s attachment style may also be preventing the deepening of real intimacy, and how to manage those moments when you're feeling triggered, in a relationship.

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In this 3-part video series, we get to the root of miscommunications in relationships, and you learn practical, easy tools and solutions to weathering conflict in love, using The MacWilliam Method™ .

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"I have struggled with feeling rejected and getting triggered when my partners have asked for space, in the past. It always left me feeling overwhelmed and not good enough. The best thing about this course, for me, is that it taught me to identify how my fear is making me act in ways that push my partners away, and also see things from their perspective, without getting personally bent out of shape. I also really liked the practical exercises and the guided visualization with the art making. I have already recommended this course to several of my friends."

Tiffany H.

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Are you sick of getting triggered by cyclical arguments that never seem to get anywhere, and only leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, desperate, and/or afraid of being rejected or abandoned by your partner?

Or maybe you are left with a sense of futility, failure, and hopelessness about the relationship, convinced that you and your partner must not be right for each other, or maybe you think you better end it now, before the other shoe drops.

If this sounds familiar, there is hope!

what you will learn

Part 1: What triggers you?

 In Part 1, we examine specific 'triggering' statements and scenarios and learn a 3-step process for how to locate the deep-structure communications, and respond with poise and compassion. This is where we plainly tackle what to say and what not to say, if you want to avoid triggering a partner.  

Part 2: How do you cope with conflict?

In Part 2, we examine 3 easy steps to cope with conflict in a 'triggering' scenario, taking into consideration the unique challenges of your attachment style. This is where we get into the nuts and bolts about each partner's growth challenge, based on attachment style. This also includes a mindfulness-based experiential activity. 

Part 3: How do you open up to love?

In Part 3, we examine how to stop running from 'triggering' fears in love, and start moving towards your desire with confidence and optimism, including another mindfulness-based intervention, and arts-based activity extension.

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"This course opened my eyes to what was really going on my previous relationship...If only I'd had this info sooner! Briana provides very detailed explanations and really walks you through several hands-on activities, so you can start speaking from the heart, instead of from a defensive position. Trust me, this course — definitely worth checking out!"

Eric Masterson

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13 Video lectures that will take you from lost and confused, to clear and confident on how to approach the roller coaster dynamic in your relationship.

4 hands-on, creative, experiential exercises utilizing The MacWilliam Method. You will also receive downloadable PDF handouts, for deepening your learning and retention.

A replay of a live Q&A video recording, answering your most burning questions about love. 


Your partner's dismissive attitude could be related to their neurological makeup, and not a personal attack.

You had the ability to use empathic communication, so your partners feel more willing to have an emotionally honest conversation, rather than shut down and run for the hills. 

You had the ability to recognize when attachment styles were truly the underlying issue, as opposed to simple, easy-to-fix miscommunication.

You felt equipped to recognize a mixed signal when it occurs, rather than assuming too much (or too little) responsibility for a conflict in the relationship.

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"The most helpful thing for me was the chart where we map out our defensive, surface-structure communications, and then try to figure out what the more honest and authentic deep-structure communication might be. It gave me a lot of "ah ha" moments that actually helped me develop more empathy for my partner, when I thought he was just being controlling and manipulative. Now, I am a lot slower to react or jump to conclusions when I feel triggered."

Allison K.



Imagine your satisfaction once you're able to combine a wealth of knowledge around the core issues generated by disorganized attachment, with knowing how to approach your partner and respect their needs, without having to fear the deepening of intimacy, or worrying about when the other shoe will drop.

The potential for a fulfilling relationship is there, and it’s worth it.

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