An online course that uses guided meditation and artmaking to activate your root and sacral chakras, so you can amplify your attractive energy, experience more passion and vitality, and feel more confident while attracting (or revitalizing) a secure partnership!


"Briana MacWilliam is the kind of teacher who gets down to the bone where the blood is hot and running. She will never point to a thing when she can show you it...Ms. MacWilliam is a challenger and comforter, a guide and a companion. She knows when to comfort and when to confront and most of all she has the timing of a professional actor. She knows when to drop the important stuff and she drops it on you form her own experiential core. She does not take you anywhere she is not willing to travel herself. She has a combination of grace and grit that make her a fantastic teacher and a fabulous clinician."

— A.P., 42

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Thank you for your interest in Energy Expansion 101! At present, enrollment is closed. However, if you would like to join the waitlist, we will be sure to alert you when enrollment opens again (usually within 1-2 months). We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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Marianne had a lot of insight and understanding into her attachment style and how and why she felt anxious in relationships, but she still struggled to feel confident in the dating world. After Energy Expansion 101, she found herself connecting to, and trusting her intuition more than she'd ever imagined, and was seeing a significant difference in the way she felt on a date, and how her dates responded to her.

Marianne said, "I always thought confidence was something that was either difficult to acquire or had to take a lot of work to earn. But with the creative exercises and meditations, it was actually very easy and surprisingly fun! I now realize I have a whole world inside of me."

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Deborah had just ended a 15 year marriage, and struggled with a long and painful divorce. When she joined Energy Expansion 101, she was feeling spiritually depleted. After the course, she felt revitalized and more vibrant than ever. She was getting to know herself again, and felt she had a fun and easy roadmap to do it!

Deborah shares, "After a long and hard divorce I was full of self-blame, doubt, and fears about the future. In taking this course, however, I had an extremely validating experience that I had made the right decision, and have started to feel excited about what comes next. It's like I'm remembering myself. I highly recommend this course!"

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Cindy would often find herself in tumultuous relationships that left her feeling hopeless and cynical about the possibilities for love. She felt the urgency of a ticking biological clock, and family pressure to hurry up and get married. After taking Energy Expansion 101, however, she was able to connect with her true desires and discovered doubts about her own loveableness, that were tied to intergenerational beliefs and trauma. This allowed her to reframe the story and step into her power in a new way.

Cindy shared, "This course takes nothing at face value, not even the desire to have kids and a family. I've become so aware of how deep the rabbit hole goes and also feel like I have the tools to brave whatever comes up; because there is definitely more down there! I'm just so glad Briana makes this process creative and engaging. If you plan on taking this course, strap in!"