Now that you are a student of Briana MacWilliam Inc., you also have access to one monthly Live Q&A event on Zoom, and other live events and content delivery we might schedule throughout the month.

Replays will be made available inside the general student Facebook group's "guides" section (accessible on a desktop).

Join the general student Facebook group here.

This is a good opportunity to receive assistance with completing lesson experientials and asking for clarity around lesson objectives.

PLEASE NOTE: Keep in mind that participants on these calls and in this Facebook group, may have purchased courses that are different from yours.

Next Steps

Step #1. Mark your calendar for the scheduled meeting times indicated on the schedule. Get the google share link here.

Step #2. Download the student guide to asking good questions, and submit your questions in advance  through this link.

Step #3. Make sure you add my email to your primary inbox so spam doesn't filter out your reminders and join link.

Join The Meeting

The meeting link will always be the same.

Join link:

Meeting ID: 825 515 0610


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