Hungry Love

An Advanced, 90-Day Live, Online Masterclass for Adults With Insecure Attachment Styles to Break Through Your Mindset Blocks, Amplify Your Attractive Energy, and Step into Your Self-Sovereignty, Whether partnered or single.


This 90-day, LIVE, intensive, online masterclass is for insecure but open-minded adults who struggle with repeated heartbreaks and/or toxic patterns in love, that want to feel confident, secure, and on fire about life, all without having to people-please, walk on eggshells, or compromise what they most need and want.

With this unique and powerful curriculum, we will break through your most debilitating mindset blocks, amplify your attractive energy, and help you step into your self-sovereignty, whether you are partnered or single.

And we do this all without spending a lot of time and money on quick fixes and therapeutic approaches that don't address the real issue--blocks and developmental arrestments in the emotional and spiritual energy bodies.


“I am astounded by Briana’s knowledge of attachment and energy healing. This comes from someone (albeit a layman) who has read voraciously on the subject for 7 years, now. There is insight and detailed explanations that simply can’t be found anywhere else…She should have a cable show.  The level of clarity provided is beyond anything I’ve seen.”

--Jim Lewandowski



Wild Guess: You Want the Ability To Attract and Manifest the Life and Love of Your Dreams...

You'd like to have financial stability, self discipline, magnetizing charisma, and healthy and secure relationships.

You would absolutely love the ability to trust yourself in every situation, and intuitively know how to take intentional action, instead of reacting to emotional triggers.

There's Only One Problem...

To achieve those things, you need to believe it's possible and know how to heal painful wounds from past emotional and relational traumas that left you reeling..

And typically, that means addressing your energetic blocks and subconscious fears about your own worthiness, and "not-enough-yet-too-muchness."

But you have those fears for a reason, and life has only proven to you, over and over again, that those fears are a reality!

You don't know how to recognize when and where your fearful beliefs are tripping you up, and creating impenetrable energetic blocks to receiving the love and other abundances you seek. 

As a result, you wind up CREATING the very outcomes you are trying to avoid...

This is when you begin to experience "Hungry Love."


"Briana's work has clarified so many things for me. Especially the emotional and body boundaries lessons. I have a history of trauma, and The MacWilliam Method felt like a very clear and creative way to address my confusion around boundaries. Thank you, Briana!"

--Mandi Cole, 33

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If you are single, "hungry love" exhibits itself through the following attitudes and behaviors...

Developing an addiction to psychics, trying to find an elusive "truth" about what an ex or potential partner feels for you and what they might do in the future.

Clinging to fantasies that keep you hoping for a magical and radical change of heart in "the one that got away."

Longing for what could have been, and feeling depressed and anxious because you think your life has been irreparably damaged since your last breakup.

Obsessive preoccupation with scanning an ex's social media profiles, and asking mutual friends about what they're doing or who they're dating.

Torturing yourself with endless scenarios in WHAT-IF ville that lead to blaming yourself for not loving them well enough or in the “right” way, so that they'd be inspired to "make it work."

Exposing yourself to continued humiliation and pain by desperately searching for closure, forgiveness, or explanations that an ex is unwilling to give.

Unable to find a sense of peace and emotional equilibrium unless you are in a romantic relationship, or it feels impossible to retain a sense of harmony unless you're single.

If you are partnered, "hungry love" tends to look like...

Being unable to voice your needs without fear of your partner running away, or deeming you as "mean" "burdensome" "too needy" or "hysterical." So you stuff them down or repress them, rather than advocate for yourself or find a new partner.

Struggling to read the "temperature" of the relationship because you're stuck on the idea that there is a standard way of being in relationships and you're constantly questioning your own intuition about it.

Waiting hours, days, or sometimes even weeks for a return text or phone call from someone you're supposed to be in a relationship with, because you're too afraid to come across as controlling or needy, or tend to avoid direct communication.

Worrying about a wandering eye, because you've been hurt in the past, and/or it seems like your partner is either needlessly secretive and withholding, or their needs for attention and validation are insatiable, and what you give is never enough.

Experiencing confusing feelings around sex and emotional intimacy; one minute its hot, and the next minute it's cold. Or, it started out hot and the more loving and intimate the relationship got, the cooler it became between the sheets, and you don't know what to do about it.

Unable to make plans for the future because you feel ambivalent about your level of commitment and want to avoid "ruining the relationship" with labels, or you don't really trust your partner's level of investment, but it feels too scary to draw a line and move on.

Overanalyzing every detail of communication and inflating the meaning of benign exchanges. This can lead to trying to figure out just "the right thing to say" in every scenario, so as to maneuver your partner into embracing what you see as their "potential" in the relationship. Or it can lead to over-reacting and responding defensively to harmless and perfectly normal requests.

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"When I found Briana's courses I was struggling with an on-again off-again relationship, and starting to feel like I was going crazy. I saw myself acting in ways that shocked and embarrassed me, but at the same time my partner seemed to want to throw fuel on the fire. In my heart, I couldn't believe that everything we shared was a lie, and my partner was just some evil "narcissist." Briana's perspective made it so much clearer for me, and has given me real hope."

--Maria Sanchez


Insecure Attachment Styles in Relationships

Insecurity in adult romantic relationships typically manifests in one of three conditions; wanting more intimacy and closeness, but never feeling satisfied (anxious attachment); wanting distance and freedom in relationship, but always feeling lonely and isolated (avoidant attachment); or struggling with wanting closeness but also feeling terrified of it ("fearful avoidance" or disorganized attachment).

Inner Emotional Conflicts

Struggling to maintain inner emotional balance and peace, whether that is feeling overwhelmed and controlled by powerful emotions, or paralyzed and cut off and indifferent to your feelings, with a sense of foggy numbness and confusion about how you really feel.

Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome

Always needing to put on a people-pleasing, approval-seeking performance, while at the same time struggling with anxiety-producing impostor syndrome and a lack of purpose.

Strong Inner Critic

Struggling to quiet a harsh internal voice and inner critic, that cripples you with punitive thoughts and self-hating limiting beliefs that restrict your possibilities and leave you feeling cynical about the possibilities.

Poor Boundaries: Can't Say "No" or Too Afraid to Say "Yes"

Struggling to say "no" when you need to, and trusting that it doesn't make you a bad or selfish person to draw a line with people who drain your energy, or manipulate with guilt trips and shame-based tactics. On the other hand, you might struggle to say "yes" and let the love you want in, because receiving puts you in a scary and vulnerable position.

Paralyzing Perfectionism

Fearfully anticipating "red flags" in every relationship, or falling prey to perfectionism's paralyzing fear of failure in your every activity, which strips you of your power, and turns you towards the false safety of victimhood, and trying to hopelessly predict and control every outcome.

If you have past attachment traumas that have left you feeling over or under charged with energy (usually experienced as emotional overwhelm or disconnect), you are particularly prone to experiencing the negative effects of "Hungry Love."

Until now, that only left you with certain options...

Read all the love scripts and free e-books that are supposed to make you "irresistible", but fall flat in the long term, when things get intimate and real.

Fall down the "red flag" rabbit hole, only to wind up with people and circumstances that SEEM different, but turn out to be exactly the same.

Spend hours (if not years) talking around in circles in counseling or therapy, spending beaucoup bucks and wondering how you'll know when it's working.

Resign yourself to the idea that this just must be as good as it gets, or...Consider that you may be the common denominator and try something radically different to turn things around!

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"Dear Briana, just want to thank you for your amazingly clear and eye opening videos on attachment styles and spirituality. Your (holistic and body) view on feelings and behaviour really touched me and gave me a ton of new insights and more self awareness. Thank you so much!"

--Marco, N., 36

If you're ready to make radical changes, you're in the right place!


In this 90-Day live, intensive, online masterclass, we will break through your mindset blocks, amplify your attractive energy, and step into your self-sovereignty using my successful, trademarked approach, The MacWilliam Method

Where as love scripts and e-books tell you what to say in very specific and static situations, The MacWilliam Method™ teaches you a foundational, step-by-step approach to deconstructing your emotional needs and tapping into your energetic "Vibe" in any and every situation. This means you will have the tools to effectively communicate in an emotionally honest way, using your own words, and adapting to the ever-changing and evolving emotional landscape of adult relationships.

Regarding red flags, The MacWilliam Method™ will help you to understand the value in using your discernment, without slipping into judgement. This will help prevent you from slipping into rigid exclusion, and recreating the same unhealthy patterns in love, while also supporting you in retraining automatic negative thought patterns, allowing you to  open up your energy and receive healthy partners when they present themselves to you, (not just rule out the inappropriate ones).

The MacWilliam Method™ also assumes an attitude of radical self-compassion, above radical "self-improvement."  The trick is tapping into the body's resources and vital energy, so you can stop head-focused energy from generating painful "double troubles" before they begin (i.e, being anxious about being anxious). This includes introducing an energetic and emotional "pattern interrupt"--which allows you to change course in a direction that serves you, rather than adding more momentum to the issue by pushing or pulling against it, or trying to obsessively "fix" it.


"I have spent a lot of time chasing after emotionally unavailable partners, but after this course, I now see what power I have to shift the way I am showing up in love. Plus, the creative exercises are fun, and the lectures are easy to listen to. Highly recommend Briana's work."

--Katie Melrose, 29


To really affect change in your life, you need to use the resources of your physical body, the mental body, and directives that access vital, life force energy, to make significant changes in your ENERGY bodies (which includes how you experience your emotions), and thus, your overall quality of life.

To take conscious command of your inner world, which is reflected in your outer world, it involves 4 core steps…

  1. Clarifying your desire, and the mental “noise” that emerges when you voice it aloud.

  2. Identifying the root pain or cause of that “noise.” 

  3. Releasing the energetic blocks consellated around that “noise.”

  4. Installing new beliefs and embody energetic practices that foster an improved quality of life and relationships.

My live, 90-Day online intensive masterclass is specifically designed to help you move through each of these four steps!

WHY The MacWilliam Method™ IS DIFFERENT...

With The MacWilliam Method™, you will have a unique experience of increasing conscious awareness and the ability to harness your energy with intention, as evolving out of three core principles and tools: 1) Cognitive Reframing, 2) Body-activation, and 3) Arts-Based Experientials.

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Cognitive Reframing

Raise conscious awareness through cognitive reframing, so you can re-write painful narratives and create an openness to receiving the love you want.


Body Activation

With a blend of guided imagery, basic movement, and sound healing, we gently titrate all that anxious energy stored up in your body to build new neural networks in a healthier framework, using the language of the body and the unconscious.

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Body Activation

Through creative expression we externalize the inner world, and achieve self sovereignty by being in dialogue with the Authentic Self. Creative experiential exercises create a bridge between mind and body, by externalizing stuck energy and transforming it through metaphor and explicit intention.


The MacWilliam Method™ (TMM) utilizes a psycho-spiritual approaches to applying creative arts interventions, through the framework of attachment theory.

TMM is informed by evidence-based practices in attachment and trauma research, but is rooted in creative arts interventions as the primary modality.

The pre-recorded directives in this masterclass have been modified for experiential learning, coupled with live support and discussion in the paid, private Facebook group forum, for maximum retention and applied practice.

Of note: these recordings and experiential tutorials are intended to assist you on a journey of self-help and personal development; they are not the same thing as traditional talk therapy. However, you will learn what additional psychotherapeutic treatment modalities might work best for you, and this course content will accelerate your progress with an existing counselor or therapist.


"My biggest struggle has been discerning my own intuition from a knee-jerk response to triggering statements and behaviors from emotionally unavailable partners. I found myself questioning if my feelings were even real, or if I was going crazy. The guided meditations and arts-based activities really got me back into my body and grounded me in a way that nothing else has, not even years of therapy and self help. Now, I feel a lot more in touch with my intuition and can tell when my gut is giving me an "it's okay" signal, or a "run as fast as you can" signal! I highly recommend Briana's work."

--Michelle Giuseppe, 31


A light bulb with salt pouring out of the bottom.

Week 1: Clarifying Desire

In this week's lesson we will establish a starting point for your journey, and clarify your most profound, soul-deep desire. This will include developing an emotional vocabulary and establishing your "window of tolerance" before proceeding with the more experiential healing modalities. This lesson tackles the common question, "How do I differentiate my intuition from fear-based attachment needs?"

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Week 2: Exposing The Contrast

In lesson 2 we will discuss the importance of cognitive reframing tools to help you quiet the "noise" that emerges once you have clarified your desire. This includes automatic negative thoughts, a harsh inner critic, and limiting beliefs about yourself and the possibilities for love in the world. This lesson is essential to expanding conscious awareness before diving into more intense energy work. This lesson tackles the common concern, "How do I stop myself from falling down a negative spiral?"

Portrait of relaxed woman meditating outdoors

Week 3: Safety in The Body

In week three, we acknowledge the physical body as the first organizer of all experience in the world of form, and a conduit for your spiritual self and inner wisdom. You will become acquainted with your physical body as the densest  of your 5 energy bodies, and learn how various mental and emotional boundaries are manifest through its dynamic expression. This lesson answers the common question, "What are boundaries and how do I recognize them?"

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Week 4: Introduction to Tools

In week 4 we will have an introduction to the creative, experiential modalities we will be exploring throughout the rest of the masterclass. This lesson will involve a sample exercise from each modality, and research articles to support each one as a tool for healing and spiritual expansion.

Week 5: Discovering The Root Pain

In this lesson we will hone our focus and establish "the root pain" from which most of the contrast and insecurity in your life and relationships stems. This will involve a discussion of the wounded inner child, intergenerational trauma, the possibility of past life trauma, and theories of spiritual timelines.

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Week 6: Focus Wheels and EFT Tapping

In week 6, I will introduce you to "focus wheels" as  a step by step process for reframing negative, limiting beliefs and developing scripts for EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). This week's module includes fill-in-the-blank templates to help you tackle any distressing topic you wish to release and transform, and then guides you through the tapping process.

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Week 7: Visioning Versus Visualizing

In week 7, we learn about the differences between visioning and visualizing, and how these represent two different forms of vital energy that are required in effective manifestation strategies: the manifesting and the liberating currents of energy. If you're someone that struggles to meditate or practice guided visualizations, after this lesson, it will finally click.

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Week 8: Scribbles and Non-Dominant Dialogues

During week 8 we will explore creative arts interventions with fun and playful exercises that externalize stuck energy and allow you to "dialogue" with your inner wisdom and "self parts" (like the wounded inner child, for example). If you are someone that struggles to make decisions or has to validate with other people the "right" or "correct" thing to do, this is the lesson in which you will discover that those answers already exist inside you.


Week 9: Drumming and Healing Movement

In week 9 we start to play with the buffalo drum, and become aware of the importance of sound, rhythm and movement for accessing and transmuting stuck energy in the body. We will also explore a few practical and easy practices that demonstrate how healing movement can boost your attractive energy, while releasing what has become stuck.


Week 10: Toning and Sound Healing

Week 10 will be an extension of week 9's introduction to sound healing and movement. In this lesson we introduce the healing power of singing bowls and toning (a form of chanting with your own voice). If you are someone that struggles to vocalize your needs, has a hard time establishing firm but flexible boundaries, stifles your own voice, or feels like you need to yell in order to be heard, you are going to love this lesson.

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Week 11: Bringing it All Together

Now that you have experienced and collected some powerful healing tools in your toolbox, it is time to play with them, and discover a personalized ritual, or sequence of modalities that works best for you. After this, you will have all the tools and confidence you need to step into your self-sovereignty, and show up to your every relationship as your most authentic self.


Week 12: Deepening Your Practice with Chakra Healing

In Week 12, we will deepen the work with an introduction to the Chakra system as a framework for understanding how energy is organized throughout the body. This lesson will answer a few lingering questions, and also offer an intro into the next level of study, if you should desire to learn more. You will also gain access to your remaining bonuses!


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Bonus 1: Meet Your Guides

While many people struggle to  believe in the esoteric,  they are typically willing to accept that there are unseen and unknown forces within them that compel them to intuit, feel and do certain things that they cannot explain. This lesson focuses on conceptualizing these forces as benevolent "guides" which might appear as angels,  spirit animals,  archetypes, self parts, your Higher Self, or your Inner Being. The goal for this lesson is to help you realize you are not alone, and to utilize ritual practices for communicating with your guides as questions arise in your experience. 



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Bonus 2: Past Life Regression

In this bonus presentation, hypnotist and past life regression expert, Linda McFadden, offers an introduction to the concept of past lives and how this may be impacting your current circumstances. In this presentation, you will receive an assessment to determine if a past life may be negatively influencing you in the present moment, and participate in an introductory, experiential exercise for past life regression and hypnosis.



In addition to your course materials, you will also receive six 90-minute LIVE Q&A workshops, to process the information and ask questions in real time. 


“Briana MacWilliam is the kind of teacher who gets down to the bone where the blood is hot and running. She will never point to a thing when she can show it to you… She knows when to drop the important stuff and she drops it on you form her own experiential core. She does not take you anywhere she is not willing to travel herself. She has a combination of grace and grit that make her a fantastic teacher and a fabulous clinician.”

--A. Pottinger, NY

self soveriegnty title


A Positive Relationship to Your Body

Feel firmly grounded in your body image, with a new understanding and perspective of its spiritual role in processing your emotions, being the radio dial for Spirit, and a sacred tool with which you can weild your manifesting energy.

Say what you want, and get it.

Feel more organized and focused  with an ability to make decisions on your own, while flexibly navigating personal boundaries and emotional needs.

Feel Worthy and "Good Enough"

No more questioning your worth or value, depending on the way partners or other circumstantial situations unfold. This includes the ability to spot conditional forms of love and regard, and allow them to bounce off you effortlessly.

Embrace compassion and ditch the inner critic.

Eliminate black-and-white thinking with an improved ability to sit with ambiguity, and an ability to embrace shades of gray, in life and in love.

Achieve self discipline, without losing your passion.

An ability to identify, name, claim, and organize your emotions in a way that allows you to weather triggering situations with conscious awareness and ease, while increasing access to your vital life force energy, imagination, creative impulses. 

Achieve a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

An ability to allow past losses and grief experiences to move through you and glean the deeper lesson and meaning from these experiences, while achieving a more profound sense of spiritual maturity and expansion.


Escape the validation trap, and inhabit your self sovereignty.

Increased confidence in your own thoughts, feelings, and opinions, with an ability to express yourself with a clear and empowered voice, without needing anyone to validate them first, or grant you permission.


Become a masterful manifestor of your desires.

An ability to recognize and dispel with limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in fearful survival-mode responses, and perpetually falling into toxic self fulfilling prophecies. This allows your true intuitive wisdom and guidance to surface, which creates a super powerful point of attraction for your desires to come into physical form. 



Save you a ton of time wasted on gimmicks that only leave you spinning in intellectual circles.

Put an end to the voice of the inner critic and the never-ending hunt for perfection.

Create powerful and affirmative statements of desire, tapping into the inherent and power wisdom of your own energetic body and spirit.

Help you address the impact of attachment traumas on the body, with creative, fun and playful tools that are easy to learn and to practice.

Experience a genuine heart-opening with the support of a licensed and board certified creative arts therapist, who is also a certified EFT Tapping Practitioner and Reiki energy healer, with more than 15 years clinical experience.  (That's me!)


Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.10.11 PM

“The exposed chest cavity signifies the raw vulnerability I am experiencing. I want it to remain open even though it feels scary and exposed…because in actuality, it is a warm and nurturing place…It feels messy and emotional, but I am willing to sit with the ‘seed’ until it starts to grow in the world. Thank you, Briana, for helping me see this opportunity.”


Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.10.02 PM

This work has me poised to see what happens next in my deepening my relationship to my body…Mindfulness and using art in that pursuit are the ways I want to begin to address this gap in awareness. It’s a challenge I accept in receiving this piece of the puzzle of myself.”


Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.09.40 PM

“Thank you for the opportunity to do this work. I really enjoyed the process and found it to be engaging and insightful. I found that each experience built on the previous challenge in a flowing way.   It was a lovely step by step reintroduction to my divine feminine culminating in a true feeling of acceptance of myself as a whole.”

-Leanne Northwood

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You know those moments where the world seems to crack open and you never see things the same way again? Mine happened after years of topsy turvy relationships, which led to becoming a divorced single mom.

As a licensed and board certified creative arts psychotherapist with more than 15 years in the field, I had a ton of credentials and accolades under my belt in my clinical career, but didn’t know how to manage my money, and still lost my job when a recession hit, several years ago.

At the same time, the love of my life proved to be unfaithful, and I had a miscarriage after we broke up. To top it off, three close family members were then diagnosed with severe chronic illnesses. 

The grief became so overwhelming, I realized that despite my super-achieving Type A persona, I fundamentally felt worthless and “not good enough”, on the inside.I realized I had to embrace grace on a spiritual level, or fall into victimhood. 

I wound up researching and publishing a book on complicated grief, art therapy, and attachment, and became a certified Reiki practitioner (energy healing) and certified EFT Tapping Practitioner.

Once I tapped into the energetic body, my life totally turned around.

I went from living on state benefits to making six figures by being my own boss, and doing what I love!

My relationships with friends improved and deepened.

My automatic negative thinking turned into perpetual optimism.

And today, I am happily committed to a faithful and devoted lover that ticks off all my boxes, and more.

The content of this masterclass is so near and dear to me, as it narrates a very personal journey to accomplishing these changes in my life, and I know it will affect big changes for you too!



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Does this count as psychotherapy, and will my insurance cover it?

This content is not considered psychotherapy, and it is not covered under insurance, but we anticipate you will experience some psychotherapeutic benefit, in the realms of self help and personal growth.

Important to note: If you are struggling with active psychosis, severe mental illness, self harming behaviors, suicidality, or recent hospitalization, we do not advise consuming this content without the supervision of a licensed, trauma-informed psychotherapist. 

What if I sign up but then change my mind?

Because space is limited for the live events, we are not offering any refunds. So please make sure you are committed before enrolling! Remember, if you cannot make the live event itself, you can always watch it on the replay. 

Will you be offering this promotion again?

We will be turning the replay recordings into an online self-study course. So if you want to catch it live, now is the one and only time to do it!

What if I have questions after the course is completed?

During the live workshop, we will set aside time for questions in real time, through the chatbox. If you have questions after the workshop, we invite you to pose them inside the paid, private Facebook group where all paying members of our community have lifetime access to monthly livestreams and can gain feedback from Briana.



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Total value of this masterclass is $10,228, but for this first launch, I am offering it for only $1,697. That's a savings of $8,531.

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If you are still hesitating, think of this way...

If you had to pay $200 per hour, 1x per week for a talk therapist, you could expect to spend $2,000 in 10 hours total hours worth of treatment, over the course of 90 days, and probably have yet to see or experience significant changes.

I am making Hungry Love available for a fraction of that, and providing at least triple the amount of time spent in experiential psycho-educational instruction. I am also offering six LIVE 90-minute coaching calls, for which I typically charge $3,500, alone. 

(For my existing peeps, this is basically like buying 12 of my 5-day courses, and you kNOW how deep and rich the content is!) 

Not only that, but you will have lifetime access to tools that you can use on your own, over and over again, whenever you want, without having to pay another dime. And you will start to experience significant changes in your insight, emotions, and physical body, right away. 


All the things and the feels are possible for you.

More than that, its even probable, once you you decide and commit to living nothing less than a next-level life, and committing to the processes that will set you on that path.

The good news is, the tools you might need are relatively simple.

And the MOST crucial information that you will need on this journey, already exists INSIDE YOU.

However, learning how to access those parts of yourself can sometimes be a difficult task, when you've been taught your whole life to do the exact opposite.

But that's just conditioning.

And it can be undone.

Just as the brain is blessed with plasticity.

And it can be rewired.

Negative energy and defensive patterning that keep you stuck in a confusion cycle around her personal boundaries CAN be transformed and healed, so that you can RELAX into the brightest luminescence that is your spirit.

It is a process which will allow you to step into a state of being on FIYAH about life, and share that brilliance with a stars-in-their-eyes lover.

If taking a chance on pivoting in that direction isn't worth the cost of this content, I don't know what is!