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This is a 12-step roadmap for conscious lovers who want passionately secure relationships without wasting time and money on "quick fixes" that don't work. 

This intensive, online, live coaching program holds your hand through 4 radically transformational stages of healing so that adults struggling with insecure attachment styles can feel more secure and confident in their relationships, whether partnered or single. This is a mental, emotional, and spiritually healing mashup you don’t want to miss!

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"My biggest struggle has been discerning my own intuition from a knee-jerk response to triggering statements and behaviors from emotionally unavailable partners. I found myself questioning if my feelings were even real, or if I was going crazy. The guided meditations and arts-based activities really got me back into my body and grounded me in a way that nothing else has, not even years of therapy and self help. Now, I feel a lot more in touch with my intuition and can tell when my gut is giving me an "it's okay" signal, or a "run as fast as you can" signal! I highly recommend Briana's work."

--Michelle Giuseppe, 31

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"Dear Briana, just want to thank you for your amazingly clear and eye opening videos on attachment styles and spirituality. Your (holistic and body) view on feelings and behaviour really touched me and gave me a ton of new insights and more self awareness. Thank you so much!"

--Marco, N., 36


"I have spent a lot of time chasing after emotionally unavailable partners, but after this course, I now see what power I have to shift the way I am showing up in love. Plus, the creative exercises are fun, and the lectures are easy to listen to. Highly recommend Briana's work."

--Katie Melrose, 29