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Welcome to Lesson 3, "A Concept of Self."

Welcome to lesson 3, the last lesson in Phase 1: Clarifying Desire.

To this point, we have established a clear starting point for identifying your desire, and both the fearful and spiritual motivations that fuel your desire, and the attachments connected to it.

Then, we examined three types of limiting beliefs that may pop up, once you clearly state this desire, which allows us to recognize the energy that has constellated around these beliefs, in our unconscious mind, AND in the physical body.

In this lesson, the point that limiting beliefs accumulate constricted emotional energy in the body, is especially important. The limiting beliefs that we acquire through conditioning (the noise) often stem from an emotional decision you made to make sense of the pain you felt, during a difficult time in your life. 

These constrictions often occur during certain developmental phases. Those decisions were made with whatever cognitive resources you had at the time; which means they may be relatively immature in nature if you had difficulties in childhood. To borrow a popularly understood concept from John Bradshaw, a “wounded inner child” is formed on an unconscious level, to organize and contain that mental, emotional, and psychic energy.

Unless these constrictions are directly addressed experientially and on the body level, they are not likely to change.

With increased insight, you might WANT to make a different decision, but then experience inner RESISTANCE, mentally, emotionally, or even physically.

This indicates that there may be another energetically constellated “part” of you, in operation, requiring your attention. Internal Family Systems theory goes a long way to explain this, identifying three primary types of unconscious parts that organize this constricted energy.

In this lesson, we will explore these ideas in detail, establish an accessible framework for the remainder of our course, and provide a creative and  experiential solution for having gained all the insight in the world, and yet, nothing seems to change in your felt experience.

3.A. The Ego & A Concept of Self
3.B. Art Activity: Scribbles
3.C. Meditation: Your Sovereign Self
3.D. Case Illustration

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