You have successfully enrolled in the Hungry Love Masterclass! But before you head over to your course materials, if you are interested in deepening your experience of the program, you are now eligible to receive individual, 1:1 support.

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After only 3 sessions with Briana, I cried (multiple times) for the scared little girl in me.  I actually had a feeling that I matter and that I am loved.  I felt a sense of love and compassion for myself.  Thank you, Briana.  I’m finally able to go deeper and heal.”

-Fatima Patel, 36

what brings you here

Individual Support Would Be Helpful For You If...

Have found it DIFFICULT TO STAY ON TASK with your online course materials...

STRUGGLE TO SEE BEYOND YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE, even though you've done all the assignments and listened to the lectures...

Are NOT CONFIDENT IN WHAT TO DO NEXT, or which tools apply first..

STRUGGLE TO FIND THE MOTIVATION to maintain a personal practice, now that your course has ended... 

Feel YOU HAVE A COMPLEX CASE and need assistance understanding how all that you've learned applies to your situation, specifically...

Or are simply WANTING THE CONNECTION of one-to-one coaching and interaction...

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OUTLINING YOUR OBJECTIVES for our work together, and through the curriculum, so we can make sure we are addressing your concerns, throughout...

TAILORED RECOMMENDATIONS with your course materials, relevant to your specified needs ...

Individualized assistance completing your mining SCRIPTS for EFT TAPPING and FOCUS WHEEL exercises... 

The ability to ASK QUESTIONS IN REAL TIME and gain a deeper understanding with focused discourse and exploration in each session... 

YOUR OWN RECORDING of each session... 

An EVALUATION of your progress and RECOMMENDATIONS, if additional treatment modalities are indicated, (particularly in the instance of trauma).


“I am astounded by Briana’s grasp of attachment. This comes from someone (albeit a layman) who has read voraciously on the subject for 7 years, now. There is insight and detailed explanations with individual sessions, that simply can’t be found anywhere else…The level of clarity is beyond anything I could’ve anticipated.”

-Jim Lewandowski


After booking your session package you will receive a purchase CODE and  EMAIL CONFIRMATION, separate from your course access confirmation.

You will need this code to book and/or cancel your sessions in the future, with at least 48 hours' notice. There are NO REFUNDS after booking, so be sure you are committed to this process!

Our sessions will likely be very structured, and you will be asked to participate in creative, experiential activities; if you expect only to talk the whole hour this is NOT the coaching package for you! 

You will need some basic art supplies and drawing surfaces; Markers, crayons, pastels, or colored pencils and blank paper will be sufficient. 

After each session, you can expect to receive your recording within 48 hours.

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“I can’t tell you what a BIG difference it made to understand why and how my insecurities were convincing me I needed explanations from men that just did not deserve my energy. Only 6 sessions with Briana cleared up a lifetime of confusion around certain family dynamics that always perplexed me. The best part is the eperientials, though. The MacWilliam Method cuts through the BS quickly and effectively. Just make sure you’re ready!” 

-Elizabeth Zhou, 34

choose your package

3-Session Package

The 3-session package would be the best option to...

  • 1) ASSESS a very specific area of concern or confusion, and establish a goal around it.
  • 2) EXPLORE that topic experientially together,  and with “take-home” assignments for integration.
  • 3) FOLLOW UP on maintenance practices.

One Payment $1,800



6-Session Package

The 6-Session package would be the best option to…

  • 1)IDENTIFY a very specific area of concern and itemize the obstacles or barriers to success.
  • 2) ASSESS the severity of these barriers and reframe the underlying false premises or beliefs that perpetuate them.
  • 3) ACCESS the wisdom of your spirit to ascertain your next inspired action steps, through experiential directives.
  • 4)TAKE ACTION on these steps. 
  • 5) FOLLOW UP on deepening insights and engage INSTALLATION sequences.
  • 6) INTEGRATE the experience, and implement maintenance practices.

One Payment of $3,160

($526.67/session -Save 15%)

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After purchasing your session package you will receive an email with a coupon code to book your sessions directly into my calendar. If you have any difficulties you can contact

Please note these session packages are NOT REFUNDABLE. 

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Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you affirm your understanding that this course is intended for psychoeducational purposes only, and should not be considered a replacement for the treatment of severe mental illness. You agree not to duplicate and/or distribute for free or for sale, any of the copyrighted information therein, and to do so is illegal.  You understand that no refund will be issued more than 14 days after the date of purchase.


Does this count as psychotherapy, and will my insurance cover it?

While I am a licensed and board-certified psychotherapist, private coaching sessions are not considered psychotherapy, and it is not covered under insurance, but I anticipate you will experience some psychotherapeutic benefit, in the realms of self-help and personal growth.

Important to note: If you are struggling with active psychosis, severe mental illness, self harming behaviors, suicidality, or recent hospitalization, I recommend seeking help with another trauma-informed psychotherapist, who is available for long-term treatment. 

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy provides long-term treatment in an empathic holding environment. The therapist generally follows the impulses and inclinations of the client, in guiding the therapeutic process and establishing a rapport. Depending on the therapist's theoretical orientation,  emotional changes and insight occur through the evolution of the therapeutic relationship. Techniques and psycho-education may be offered and explored, but it is secondary to the relationship being established between practitioner and client. For many individuals that struggle with insecure attachment, long-term psychotherapy is truly the first and best step for them. 

Private coaching is short-term and goal oriented. In my role as a coach, I deliver techniques for you to use independently or in supplementation to psychotherapy. Our sessions will be structured and directive, built upon my unique approach The MacWilliam Method (TM). My guidance is a response to what I observe your own spirit to be articulating, through the techniques we may use. The relationship that is developed is similar to short-term mentorship. If longer-term treatment is indicated, I will also make those recommendations and referrals, after our time has ended. 

Can I choose to Only Do Private Coaching?

I only accept private sessions with individuals that have invested in my Hungry Love Masterclass. You cannot book sessions with me outside of this offer, (with few exceptions).

What if I sign up but then change my mind?

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS for purchasing an individual coaching package, so be sure this is what you want before you commit! Additionally, if you do not use your session time before the 12-month time frame is up, you forfeit that time.

What is the time commitment?

You can choose three or six-session packages, depending on your needs and budget, to be completed within 12 months.

What if I have questions?

If you have content questions between sessions, you can contact, or reach out through direct messaging.