Hungry Love
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This masterclass includes...

Access to Curriculum Content for 6 months.

Weekly Live Group Coaching Support

Monthly Community Events

Workbooks, templates, mining scripts, assessments, and more.

4 Bonus Guest Expert Presentations

Membership in the Private Student Facebook group for Hungry Love

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By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you affirm your understanding that this course is intended for psychoeducational purposes only, and should not be considered a replacement for the treatment of severe mental illness. You agree not to duplicate and/or distribute for free or for sale, any of the copyrighted information therein, and to do so is illegal.  You understand that no refunds after submitting payment.

Hungry Love Masterclass
Hungry Love Masterclass
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success stories

Using the tools and techniques from my program Sandra made the huge decision to break away from a toxic, on-again-off-again relationship that had lasted for years and was causing tremendous stress in her life. She also invested in starting her own side hustle, selling handmade jewelry. Within 9 months of completing my program, her new business was taking off, and she'd met a wonderful, secure partner in a business coaching class.


Desmond and his wife had been married 7 years when his wife told him he needed to be more emotionally available, or she was leaving him. When Desmond joined my program, he was looking for ways to get in touch with his emotions, when his whole life he’d been taught to dismiss or suppress them. With the guided meditations and hands-on exercises, he discovered parts of himself he never knew existed. He also reported experiencing deeper levels of intimacy with his wife, who emailed me personally to express gratitude for helping him.


Nadia described herself as a serial monogamist and was determined to "find herself" before she got into another serious relationship. With my program, she went from feeling confused about who she really was and what she wanted to feel more confident and purposeful, than ever before. She learned to enjoy being single, and to approach dating like an exciting, experimental self-discovery process, as opposed to a challenge to prove her worthiness, by convincing a partner to commit to her.