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Learn a step-by-step process to take the fear out of your desire, how to identify two important types of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, activate and open your heart chakra, and 10x your attractive energy, so you can magnetize the partner of your dreams (or revitalize your current relationship)!


I bet you would absolutely love it if you had an unlimited number of high-quality partners tripping over themselves to be that person for you. Or if you’re already in a relationship, you’d like to see your partner showing a little more enthusiasm for a long-lasting, intimate commitment. 

There's only one problem.

To achieve those things, you need to believe it's possible! And not only that, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there. And typically, that means addressing your fears, and old patterns of living and loving that keep you stuck in a cycle of pain, self-blame, and a scarcity attitude about love.

If this sounds like you, my online course, Ignite Your Love Light can help! 

hard truth

Often when we struggle in love, life has only proven to us over and over again, that our fears aren't just our imagination, they're a reality! This means it’s difficult to recognize when and where fearful beliefs are DISTORTING REALITY and CREATING the very outcome you are trying to avoid.

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Carl was struggling with deciding if he wanted to remain in a topsy-turvy relationship or call it quits. He felt there was tremendous potential and deep feelings of love and connection, but it was hard to get past his doubts and "rise above" his triggers. After taking this course, he felt he'd gained tremendous clarity and a way through...

"I loved this course. It really helped me map out my internal state; identifying a little more of what's really going on in that dark cloud in my mind. The exercises were all great."

-Carl H.


FEELING STUCK in "codependent" behaviors & patterns, struggling with a soul-deep feeling of loss that you just can't shake?

FEELING FRUSTRATED & OVERWHELMED by your emotions, unable to soothe your anxiety, or stop a freight train of automatic negative thoughts from derailing your confidence in love?

GETTING CAUGHT in the same relationship pattern over & over again (even though you were wary of all the red flags, and all signs said it’d be different this time)?

CONFUSED about what is a "gut intuition" versus a triggered, anxious response?

My online course, Ignite Your Love Light, will help you turn all this around! 

laurie testimonial

Laurie was struggling with desiring connection while feeling terrified of loss, after her husband passed away. Through the course materials, she was able to connect with her own sense of vitality and open up to the possibility of love again, after processing some unfinished business, in her grief.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and the assignments. My favorite exercise was the meditation about fear and shining the light on what is hidden. It resonated deep within me. My aha moment came through examining my limiting beliefs. I have been able to process, understand, and forgive myself for my part of some of the issues my late husband and I had. This has been restorative for me. I absolutely enjoyed your delivery, your humor, and your ability to help me delve deep into my own process."

-Laurie G.

what you will learn

DAY #1. CLARIFYING DESIRE. This lesson takes you from confused to clear, by teaching you how to take the fear out of your desire, and realize it is not your “need” that is getting in the way, but rather your beliefs about how to get them met.

DAY #2. EMBRACE YOUR FEAR. In this lesson, we learn to stop running from our fears and instead embrace them for the wisdom they carry surrounding our unmet needs, while eliminating energetic blocks to getting them satisfied. 

Day #3. LIMITING BELIEFS. In this lesson, we explore two important types of limiting beliefs and how to clear them, so you can replace them with new, healthier beliefs, that opens you up to love's possibilities.

Day #4. LOVE'S EXPANSION.In this lesson, you will receive a bonus presentation with shaman and health coach, Kristen Von Foxx, who will take you on a guided shamanic journey to recover, restore, and open up your heart chakra.

Day #5. ASCENDED PARTNERSHIP. In this lesson, we will explore how to show up for an ascended love partner; not a soul mate or a twin flame, but a true ascended love partner.

success story

"It's not about finding a person to make you whole-kind of a thing; its more about discovering your own inner love and light which then radiates out and draws in whomever is being invited into relationship that way."



Joe was drawn to the course through a synchronistic experience. He was not relationship-focused but rather “self-focused” when he stumbled upon this course, He  was drawn to the idea that this course was about “discovering your own inner light and love on the inside, and drawing others in, from that place.” 

His heart felt a big “yes!” when he found it, because he knew he ultimately wanted to be in a relationship again, but he wanted to make sure that when the time is right for love again, he was ready for it; he wanted to feel right with himself. 

A quote from Joe:

"It's not about finding a person to make you whole-kind of a thing; its more about discovering your own inner love and light which then radiates out and draws in whomever is being invited into relationship that way. The shamanic journey also blew me away...and I have always valued spaces where you going into a meditative or hypnotic state...but that particular one was really potent; it sort of took everything that was happening for me and sucked it in altogether...and I felt like, 'alright, this is the path forward.' If you you have been obsessively seeking the 'right' person this is the ideal course, because... it does ultimately get to that--but it sets you up so you are ready for the right person." --Joe

If you’d like to learn more, you can watch Joe’s full 6-minute testimonial here. (It’s a delight!)


50+ Page downloadable workbook and activities and assignments

2.5 Hours of live Q&A replay recordings

5 Hours of video lecture and instruction

5 Hands-on tutorials for experiential activities, including fun and easy art exercises and guided meditations

Lifetime access to all course content

PLUS 3 Valuable Bonus Offers!

anxious attachment 101 steps

Bonus #1

Lifetime Access to The Private Student Group on Facebook

($997 Value)

Once you've enrolled, you will gain lifetime access to a paid, private Facbeook group and community forum where you can post your assignments, ask questions, get feedback from me, and participate in the discussion with other community members!

This is a bonus offer you won't want to miss!

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Bonus #2

Lifetime Access To 1 Monthly Livestream Q&A

($2,000 Value)

Part of my commitment to holding your hand through this process is being available to answer questions and flesh out ideas and concepts in real-time. There is something really special that happens in the live space, and you never know what new insights will be channeled and/or discovered together! This bonus grants you access to 1 Livestream per month, hosted inside the private student group, on Facebook.

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Bonus #3

Shamanic Healing for The Heart Chakra

Kristen Von Foxx, MPS, HC, The Shamanatrix

($350 Value)

Shaman and health coach, Kristen Von Foxx, MPS, HC, will take you on a guided shamanic journey to recovery and integrate your soul parts, in the Heart Chakra. Kristen has a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters degree in Creative Arts Therapies, and her Certificate for Holistic Nutritional Counseling.

She has studied with 10 different shamanic healers, some of whom are still living in un-industrialized, indigenous communities, including among the Shepipo people of Peru.

Kristen brings a wide breadth of experience to her practice as a shaman, and specializes in soul retrieval and dragon's blood medicine.

With this bonus, you will experience an EFFECTIVE and LONG LASTING SPIRITUAL PRACTICE that will open up your heart center and put you in touch with YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL WISDOM and resources, which is the highest authority on your life, there is.


success story

"I would definitely recommend the course because even though it's only for 5  lessons it affects a big change, and you get so much more than you are promised; like extra bonus exercises. I am still high from it two weeks after."



Stine is a friendly person with a warm smile and kind demeanor. Yet, for a long time, she had been chasing men who were not investing in their relationships with her, when she decided to enroll in this course. She wanted to get to learn more about herself and what role she might be playing, in this dynamic. 

For Stine,  one of the things that stood out to her was the concept of choosing a relationship, as opposed to choosing a person. This actually freed her up to pay closer attention to who she was and what she wanted out of a relationship first, before getting attached to someone that may not be a compatible match.

 More from Stine…

"I am an Open Heart and have been running after men who are not investing in the relationship, and when I enrolled, I was reaching for getting to know more about my own issues in relationships. One of the things that stood out to me was the concept of choosing the relationship, as opposed to choosing the person. That was a concept that stuck with me. I also liked that we had so many different approaches to reframing and using our intuition to tap into our unconscious...I liked that there were creative ways and intellectual ways of reframing. I especially liked the unconscious scribble drawing because it was so simple but effective. I would definitely recommend the course because even though it's only for 5 days or lessons it affects a big change, and you get so much more than you are promised, like extra bonus exercises. I am still high from it two weeks after." -Stine

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As a licensed and board certified creative arts therapist, I've spent years working with adults struggling with insecure attachment styles has taught me it’s not complicated to learn how to attract stable and emotionally available partners, when you have a deep understanding of how attachment styles work.

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 12.22.09 PM

Attachment styles and healing attachment wounds is a topic so near and dear to my heart, because I don't just teach this stuff, I've lived it. As a child of divorce, my parents were always on the move, and we lived on the edge of poverty most of the time. I became a high achiever to compensate, until my relationship struggles tore down everything I’d accomplished, and I wound up a divorced, single mom. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 11.28

Then, both my parents and my brother were diagnosed with serious, chronic illnesses. And the new partner I had fallen madly in love with couldn’t prioritize me or stay faithful. When he left, my heart broke anew, and I miscarried what would’ve been my second child. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 12.22.28 PM

I decided to dive straight down into my demons, and write a book about attachment and grief. Writing the book emboldened me to shed my shame, and learned how to move from an insecure to a secure attachment style! This led to creating the curriculum for my online courses, such as Healing Attachment Wounds, and building an online community for support. Much to my delight, both caught fire, and I’ve never looked back!

success story

"I would recommend bringing your whole self to this course. It might feel uncomfortable, but it actually clears a lot out from your system; more than you know."




AC had an “intellectual idea” of what attachment styles were, and how a secure person might act. She tried hard to act that way outwardly, but she still suffered on the inside with feelings of anxiety. She said, “Just because I’m acting like a secure person, doesn’t mean that I will actually get my needs met.”

For AC, focusing on body-based and arts-based exercises were the most effective part of the course, along with the shamanic journey to open the heart chakra, with special guest, Kristen Von Foxx. 

More from AC…

"My attachment style is very fluid, depending on the relationship, and I realized that just because I am acting like a secure person would, doesn't mean that I will actually get my needs met. So, I liked how Briana combined the intellectual stuff with the body-centric stuff, which really hones in on the lessons. Also the shamanic journey was really valuable for me because I have always resisted the spiritual aspect of the psycho-spiritual approaches to mental health...but exploring this as an experiential activity opened up changes within myself. I would recommend bringing your whole self to this course. It might feel uncomfortable, but it actually clears a lot out from your system; more than you know." --AC

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Even if you skim over the lectures and the workbook, the experiential practices are powerful enough to start feeling increased attachment security, immediately.

You don't need to be a therapist or counselor in training.

You don't need to take every yoga class within a 5 mile radius and learn to meditate for hours a day.

You don't even need to be actively dating!

Anyone can quickly attract and/or cultivate the relationship of their dreams, with effective tools for healing limiting beliefs and automatic negative thinking, and harnessing the awesome power of your creative energy, so you can start to feel more confident, immediately.

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 4.56.04 PM

Just imagine, what if instead of feeling stuck in codependent patterns, agonizing over a dismal dating scene, wasting your energy on worrying about red flags, and feeling frustrated with stubborn negative thoughts, you might be able to...

TRUST your intuition & feel IN CONTROL when an insecurity or trigger pops up out of nowhere.

SQUASH “automatic negative thoughts” - before they spiral out of control.

SIT BACK & RELAX while your partner takes initiative to call you first, and frequently plans your activities together.

UPGRADE from walking on eggshells, to experiencing loving exchanges with an adoring partner who respects your boundaries & supports you in all you do.

SPEAK AUTHENTICALLY & vulnerably, having your partner sincerely care and listen, without dismissing or invalidating your feelings.

EXPERIENCE conflicts in love as opportunities for deepening intimacy with a partner that views arguments as a chance to learn how to be a better partner to YOU.

UNDERSTAND your partner’s motivations, so you can show up as the most compassionate & inspiring lover they've ever had.

LET GO of a fear of not being good enough, so you can finally attract & allow yourself to RECEIVE the type of soul-shaking love from a secure partner.

CLEARLY ARTICULATE your values & priorities, so you can voice your needs, and get them met.

anna c testimonial

Anna was fresh out of a long-term relationship and struggling with anxiety over being new to the dating scene, after such a long time. She found herself making catastrophic, negative predictions, and devaluing herself when it came to her "market value." After this course, she felt more in touch with her sense of personal value and attractiveness and had even gone on a few fun dates with eligible candidates.

"I LOVED this 5 day course! My favorite exercise was the one with the shamanic meditation. I never would have imagined what my mind could create around such topics. Again, going so deep into ourselves creates these beautiful images. It made me realize that we've got it all within ourselves already!"

-Anna. C.


This course is for you if you feel inspired to...

LEARN foundational concepts for how to completely change damaging core belief systems and automatic negative thoughts.

BECOME increasingly emotionally intelligent, optimistic, confident & perceptive - while maintaining healthy boundaries.

INVEST the time & effort towards genuine self-reflection & take meaningful personal inventory.

ASK BIG QUESTIONS about the mysteries of the Universe & your place in it.

EXPLORE creative processes & approaches that might feel a little strange or silly at first - but allow you to explore your own greater depths with pleasure & ease.

BELIEVE your love relationships are a worthy investment of time, money & focused energy.


This course is NOT for you if...

You want formulaic love scripts, that are more about emotional manipulation, than emotional honesty.

You want to be spoon-fed quick “fix it” solutions, that require NO effort or self-reflection.

You think spirituality is a bunch of NONSENSE and “woo-woo” for simple-minded people.

You are UNWILLING to ask big questions & allow yourself to sit with the ambiguity of not knowing the answer right away.

You are NOT OPEN to new ways of seeing & doing things, like creative exercises and activities.

You DON’T BELIEVE your love relationships are important enough to invest in.


50+ Page downloadable workbook and activities and assignments

2.5 Hours of live Q&A replay recordings

5 Hours of video lecture and instruction

5 Hands-on tutorials for experiential activities, including fun and easy art exercises and guided meditations

Lifetime access to all course content

PLUS 3 Valuable Bonus Offers!


When was the last time you felt at ease, joyful, optimistic and deeply satisfied with your love life? What I teach in Ignite Your Love Light will help you feel more secure and confident in relationships, and experience the kind of satisfying love life you desire!

More than that, it will help you save...


TIME FEELING STUCK in "codependent" behaviors & patterns like people-pleasing, perfectionism and care-taking, that orient you towards needing to "earn love" and missing the "challenge" to prove yourself, when it’s not there.

THE AGONY OF BEING SICK & TIRED of  a dismal dating scene and digital "FOMO" culture, or a ticking biological clock that demands "you better settle, if you want kids".

WASTED ENERGY from worrying about red flags & struggling with a scarcity attitude about love, believing, "This must be the best I can do".

CONFUSION OVER how you can show compassion & love, without sacrificing your own needs, or what you really want in a relationship.

For a fraction of counseling/talk therapy costs, this course delivers tangible results - in just seven lessons of FUN and CREATIVE experiential instruction!

My clients are smart and savvy individuals, but unfortunately, they’ve wasted a lot of time, money, and energy on approaches that don’t work - like therapy sessions that cost $200+ per hour, or $2,400 for three months of sessions!

For a fraction of counseling/talk therapy costs, this course delivers tangible results - in just 5 lessons of FUN and CREATIVE experiential instruction!

It’s a lifetime-access roadmap, that holds your hand through body-activating, experiential techniques.

You need to learn and practice these, if you want to shift your attachment style, and experience a SECURE and LOVING relationship.


Ignite Your Love Light is so unique because we apply The MacWilliam Method to a 3-phase transformational process. 

With The MacWilliam Method™, you’ll have a unique experience of increasing conscious awareness, and the ability to harness your energy with intention, as evolving from three core principles and tools: 1) Cognitive Reframing, 2) Body-Activation, and 3) Arts-Based Experientials.

Whereas love scripts tell you what to say in very specific, static situations, The MacWilliam Method™ teaches you a foundational, step-by-step approach.

meditating colored final

You’ll learn to decode your defensive responses via hands-on exercises and skills, for navigating your emotional and energetic "vibe."

This means you’ll possess the tools to effectively communicate in an emotionally honest way, using your own words, and adapt to the ever-changing emotional landscape of adult relationships.

Instead of falling down a red flag rabbit hole, The MacWilliam Method™ will help you to understand the value in using your discernment, without slipping into judgement.


This will help prevent you from slipping into rigid exclusion, and recreating the same unhealthy patterns in love. It will help you retrain automatic negative thought patterns, and open up your energy to receive healthy partners when they present themselves to you, (not just ruling out the inappropriate ones!).

Instead of focusing on self-improvement, The MacWilliam Method™ also assumes an attitude of radical self-compassion.

GREEN HANDS colored final

The trick is tapping into the body's resources and vital energy - so you can stop head-focused energy from generating painful "double troubles" before they begin. This includes mindfulness, guided visualizations, and art-making to help channel and diffuse anxious energy… instead of adding more momentum to the issue by pushing or pulling against it, or trying to obsessively "fix" it.

creative inspiration
Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.10.11 PM

“The exposed chest cavity signifies the raw vulnerability I am experiencing. I want it to remain open even though it feels scary and exposed…because in actuality, it is a warm and nurturing place…It feels messy and emotional, but I am willing to sit with the ‘seed’ until it starts to grow in the world. Thank you, Briana, for helping me see this opportunity.”


Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.10.02 PM

This work has me poised to see what happens next in my deepening my relationship to my body…Mindfulness and using art in that pursuit are the ways I want to begin to address this gap in awareness. It’s a challenge I accept in receiving this piece of the puzzle of myself.”


Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 8.09.40 PM

“Thank you for the opportunity to do this work. I really enjoyed the process and found it to be engaging and insightful. I found that each experience built on the previous challenge in a flowing way.   It was a lovely step by step reintroduction to my divine feminine culminating in a true feeling of acceptance of myself as a whole.”

-Leanne Northwood

success story

"The content will open up a lot of doors...getting you to work through your ...walls, so to speak, and move in the direction of love; self-love, or relationship love. It's well worth it."



Gabe was interested in attachment theory and wanted to learn more about attachment styles and how they might be affecting his relationships, when he decided to take this course. He felt the experience was very validating of his unconscious thoughts and feelings, and helped him put words to experiences that he otherwise struggled to define.

More from Gabe...

"I find a lot of validation for, unconscious thoughts; feelings that are there, but I don't quite have words for them.  I think that helps me move more into acceptance. Another thing that I loved was the, the meditation we did...that was wonderful too.  I found that I got a lot more out of that than my mind was wanting to accept. I just thought it was a really good tool, that people could do anytime." --Gabe 



50+ Page downloadable workbook and activities and assignments

2.5 Hours of live Q&A replay recordings

5 Hours of video lecture and instruction

5 Hands-on tutorials for experiential activities, including fun and easy art exercises and guided meditations

Lifetime access to all course content

PLUS 3 Valuable Bonus Offers!

it's all possible

Still harboring doubts about whether you should purchase this course?

I get it: sometimes it’s hard to BELIEVE the soul-shaking love of your dreams is even possible.

I’m here to tell you… It is ALL possible for you:

All the PASSION…





The special VACATIONS…


Looking into each other's eyes, and just KNOWING what the other is thinking…

LICKING BURRITO JUICE off each other's faces (or is that just me?)...

exists inside you

Negative relational patterns - and the cynical worldview they create - can be undone. You can RELAX into the brightest luminescence that is your SPIRIT.

more success stories
Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.47.04 PM

Letisha experienced a string of painful breakups with partners that would often come on strong, but then take her for granted. This made her feel invisible and confused about what she was doing "wrong" to turn them off. After taking this course, Letisha felt more confident and capable than ever before. Soon, met someone who wanted to take things slow initially,  and ultimately wound up asking her for a long-term commitment. 

“I have come to realize I do not need explanations from men that won't give me the time of day, and no longer take on their lack of consideration as something I am responsible for causing and fixing. It's made a world of difference in how I feel about myself, and also in the types of men I am attracting. I highly recommend Briana's course."

-Letisha, 32

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.45.25 PM

Pierre often found himself attracted to intelligent, capable women who were fun to be around, but struggled to express their softer feelings and would avoid commitment. Not wanting to push, he would let them take the lead...but then, they'd seem to fade away.  After taking this course, Pierre realized a habit of suppressing his needs and waiting for validation before expressing his feelings was confusing his partners and left them feeling lukewarm about him. With this insight, he found new ways to reframe his insecurities and ask for what he really wanted.

“The mindset exercises and reframing statements were really the most effective tool for me. They helped me create some space around my thoughts and realize what I was really wanting, before waiting for my partners to give me permission to feel what I was feeling. It's actually quite liberating! I highly recommend this course.”

-Pierre, 41

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 8.46.40 PM

Erin struggled with rescuer tendencies in her relationships, and couldn't imagine satisfaction in healthy, secure relationships- if a healthy partner didn't "need" her, then why would they love her? Through the course work, Erin was able to reframe her negative predictions and discover a deeper sense of spirituality and self-worth than she thought possible.

I cried a lot during the meditations and drawing exercises.  I had no idea there was so much inside of me. And I now have a framework for understanding how to recognize and show up to a healthy relationship, without judging it has "too boring".  Thank you, Briana. I feel like I'm finally on the path to healing.”

-Erin, 28


50+ Page downloadable workbook and activities and assignments

2.5 Hours of live Q&A replay recordings

5 Hours of video lecture and instruction

5 Hands-on tutorials for experiential activities, including fun and easy art exercises and guided meditations

Lifetime access to all course content

PLUS 3 Valuable Bonus Offers!


Does this count as psychotherapy, and will my insurance cover it?

This content is not considered psychotherapy, and it is not covered under insurance, but we anticipate you will experience some psychotherapeutic benefit, in the realms of self help and personal growth.

Important to note: If you are struggling with active psychosis, severe mental illness, self harming behaviors, suicidality, or recent hospitalization, we do not advise consuming this content without the supervision of a licensed, trauma-informed psychotherapist. 

What if I sign up but then change my mind?

Your course purchase comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. If you don't like the course, you can contact us within 14 days of purchase, and you will receive your money back, no questions asked. You may contact us at Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

What is the time commitment?

We recommend committing one hour a day, for 5 days. However, once you have purchased the course, you have lifetime access to the materials, and you can complete the lessons at your own convenience. 

What if I have questions?

If you have questions, we invite you to pose them inside the private student group on Facebook, where all paying members of our community have lifetime access to monthly livestreams and can gain feedback from Briana, and/or her team. You may also contact us at Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Does Briana Offer Private Coaching Sessions?

At this time, Briana does not offer private coaching. However, you are invited to join her during the live group coaching calls and Q&A sessions inside the paid, private Facebook group, 1x per month, to ask your questions and gain direct feedback.