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Now that you'll have a wealth of knowledge and awareness around the core issues generated by limiting beliefs and energetic blockages in your heart chakra, you're going to want to know how your partner’s attachment style may also be preventing the deepening of real intimacy, by fueling these limiting beliefs and sending mixed signals.

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5 Lessons to Decode Mixed Signals in Relationships.

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These 5 Lessons  will take you from confused to clear, about how insecure attachment styles can generate mixed signals in relationships

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what you will learn

5 Ways your brain may cause mixed signals in relationships. 

Types of mixed signals and 3 keys to empathic communication.

4 Protest behaviors and how the anxious partner sends mixed signals. 

Breadcrumbing demystified: 5 ways avoidant partners send mixed signals.

4 Ways to handle mixed signals in realtionships.

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In purchasing this course, you will walk away with 5 Recorded Video Lectures and a 30+ page downloadable PDF workbook to help you follow along with the content.



✔ Your partner's dismissive attitude could be related to their neurological makeup, and not a personal attack?

✔ You had the ability to use empathic communication, so your partners feel more willing to have an emotionally honest conversation, rather than shut down and run for the hills?

✔ You had the ability to recognize when attachment styles were truly the underlying issue, as opposed to simple, easy-to-fix miscommunication?

✔ You felt equipped to recognize a mixed signal when it occurs, rather than assuming too much (or too little) responsibility for a conflict in the relationship?


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“In the past, I have purchased a lot of fluff and dating programs that tell you what to do but don't get to the root of things. When I found Briana on YouTube, she explained things in a way I could understand, and I love the creative way she approaches the lecture topics. I was inspired to purchase this course to better understand my history of up and down relationships, and I feel like I got so much more out of it.  I highly recommend this course for anyone ready for a change.”

--Sandra O., CO

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"If only I'd had this info sooner! I know for a fact so many arguments and miscommunications could have been rectified or avoided. My favorite lessons were about the brain systems and the lecture on how avoidant partners can send mixed signals. I have definitely been on the receiving end of this, and these lectures gave me tremendous clarity. Definitely, this course is worth checking out!"

Luis R. TX

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"One of the best things I got out of this course was the feeling of validation, when it came to recognizing the mixed signals I was receiving from my partner; I wasn't going crazy or blowing things out of proportion. What I didn't expect, was becoming aware of the mixed signals I was sending, without even realizing it. Now I know not to do that in my next relationship! I also liked that Briana talked about organic reasons for miscommunications, as well as the influence of attachment styles. It was a well rounded and informed lecture series. I highly recommend it."

Samantha H., CT



Imagine your satisfaction once you're able to combine a wealth of knowledge around the core issues generated by limiting beliefs, with knowing how insecure attachment styles can generate mixed signals in relationships.

The potential for a fulfilling relationship is there, and it’s worth it.

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5 Lessons to Decode Mixed Signals in Relationships
5 Lessons to Decode Mixed Signals in Relationships