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Exploring 7 Body Boundaries

Video Lecture

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Live Q&A

Welcome back to part two of our 5-part video series on examining personal boundaries versus conditions of love! 

In our first video, “4 Ways “No” Says “I love you.” we explored an overview of the importance of personal boundaries, and how holding your boundaries is actually in service of love and a  relationship, as a whole.

We identified four major categories under which your personal boundaries may fall:




-Values and beliefs

Today we are going to dive into body boundaries. 

Taking responsibility for the health of our bodies and the choices we might make that impact the body’s wellbeing, as well as listening to the cues of our body, are manifestations of body boundaries. Do you listen when your body is talking to you? Or does it have to scream at you to get your attention (i.e. make you sick)?

Body boundaries can also impact your level of connection with your life force energy in general. It is also what allows you to experience pleasure, play, and the sensual aspects of life. 

For example, the nature of our personal boundaries can be expressed in multiple ways through the body. Today we are going to explore 7 of them.

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