You are now eligible to participate in a private student group on Facebook, that is exclusively for online students. This provides a very intimate and safe container for working through the curriculum with other folks that are digging into the same material and topics.

We encourage you to share your artwork, questions, insights, and personal successes in the group to encourage connection, participation, and increasing awareness.

We have also found that when people participate in the group, they tend to get more out of the program, and experience transformations more quickly.

A few quick reminders:

  • Replays from the monthly Q&A calls will be kept in the "guides" section of this group for 6 months. 

Select this button to take the "group tour" and connect with our team through direct messaging. (You may need to select "get started" at the bottom of the messaging screen if we are not already connected.)

At the end of the tour, there will be a link to submit a join request to the group itself.

Or you could also skip the tour, and join the group here. 

You will need to add the email that you used to enroll with and agree to the group rules before your join request is reviewed and manually approved. 

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