Mei's Secret: From Over-Intellectualizing to Happily Engaged

"I feel like I have learned more from this program than I have from other courses costing three times as much."

If you’ve been banging your head against the wall trying to figure out HOW to communicate with a partner or potential partner without scaring them off, feeling tongue tied, or causing an argument’re not alone.

“Can I REALLY inspire my partner to listen to me, care about my needs, and want to go deeper with the relationship?...And if I CAN, then WHY haven’t I been able to do it?”

This was Mei's burning question, when she decided to work with me.

She'd tried to be more emotionally honest and vulnerable, but it only made things worse and her partner thought she was blaming them for her problems.

To compensate and avoid an argument, she started allowing their needs take priority over her own.

Overtime, she started to feel like a burden if she needed or wanted something, and her throat would close up, when she'd try to speak.

Eventually, she started to question if she even had the right to her own feelings or if her feelings were even real. Negative thoughts started to cycle through her mind, such as...

  • “I have to work hard to have a functional relationship, if I stop trying or initiating, nothing happens or would get done.”
  • “I am not allowed to have needs or desires in a relationship, because it always pushes my partner away.”
  • “I have a lot to give, but I’m always going to be either, “too much” or “never enough.”

But Mei hadn't been sitting around on her hands, just wishing and waiting for things to get better.

Ooooh no.

Mei had purchased many online courses before, read all the self-help books, and seen many a therapist. She'd gained some insight and short-term wins, but overall, in the big picture, nothing seemed to be working well enough.

Yet, upon further investigation, we realize that even though Mei had a lot of knowledge and insight, she DIDN'T HAVE A CLEAR PATH or roadmap for showing her how to implement her skills and knowledge effectively.

The #1 reason most people to see the results they want is because they either don't have the correct tools, or they have the right tools, but they don't use them correctly, and fail to apply them with consistency and practice.

They assume new knowledge and insight is going to suddenly flip all the switches, and everything will change right away...

But that couldn't be further from the truth, especially when it comes to attachment wounding and communication!

When Mei joined my live, group coaching program, The Courageous Communicator, she was looking for practical solutions and examples of how to communicate from a heartfelt place, rather than getting lost in intellectual circles, which usually led to negative thought spirals, and feeling like she didn’t have a “right” to her needs, or that she was “too emotional.”

After this program, she felt she’d gained a lot of clarity and knew how to avoid “escaping to the head.”

Here’s what Mei DID, after she enrolled in my program:

  • STOPPED BEATING HERSELF UP with automatic negative thinking.
  • LEARNED TO CALM her nervous system, at will.
  • CONNECTED to her body, and the emotional energy stored in it.
  • ADOPTED A LOVING STANCE towards herself and needs.

And here’s what she DIDN’T do:

  • SKIP OVER lessons or jump ahead.
  • SKIM the workbooks.
  • Treat the Lectures like BACKGROUND NOISE.
  • IGNORE the experiential interventions.
  • NEVER PARTICIPATE in the Facebook group or the live communication workshops and Q&A sessions.

And because of what she did and did not do, 6 months later Mei and her partner were communicating better than ever, and within a year, they were engaged to be married.

Mei offered her testimonial…

“Briana is extremely articulate and skilled at communicating complex ideas in a simplified and easy-to-understand manner. The videos are dense with information; there is no fluff here. I have had to watch the videos a few times to digest the material! My favorite part of the course was learning about the four attachment styles and the very practical advice on what phrases are triggering for a partner, based on attachment style, and how you can anticipate the ways in which they need to grow. I feel like I have learned more from this program than I have from other courses costing three times as much. If you are on the fence, it’s totally worth it.”

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t magic.

Mei merely followed my "HIP" Communication Formula and didn’t miss a beat. And because she was consistent and practiced her new tools correctly, she finally saw real results.

The same system has also helped hundreds of my already-partnered students revitalize their relationships as well.

This step-by-step program is SO EASY and FUN to follow.

If you’re interested in learning more, then click this link here to book a call with me or my team.

On the call we’ll help you understand how my 3-step “HIP” Communication Formula works, and you can see if it’s right for you 🙂

Talk soon!

- Briana

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INSPIRE him to spend quality time together at least 2-3 days a week... without ever wondering if "he's really there" or "thinking about someone else..."

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ESTABLISH an intimate emotional connection, with TRUST and LOYALTY... so you can feel loved and appreciated, showered with the attention and affection your heart desires.

Even if he's emotionally distant right now or you're worried there’s someone is possible to turn things around, without years of talk therapy, one-off retreats, or “fake it ‘til you make it” gimmicks that don’t work.

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As a licensed and board-certified creative arts therapist (with certifications in Reiki Healing, EFT Tapping, and trauma-informed somatic therapy), I've spent more than 15 years working with thousands of adults struggling with insecure attachment styles.

Experience has taught me it’s not complicated to learn how to attract stable and emotionally available partners when you have a deep understanding of how attachment styles and energy healing works.

Here's The Radical Truth...

You ARE enough.
You are NOT too much.
You are FULLY deserving.

And there is a reality that exists in which you get to BE your most authentic self, and live your FULLEST life, with a partner who cherishes you, just as you are. I know, because I’ve walked through that fire myself, and found grace on the other side.

My online coaching program, The Courageous Communicator, is going to hold your hand every step of the way, so you get to embrace that reality, for good. 

And believe me, it’s SO worth it!

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If you are interested in experiencing results like these, book a call through the button below.