The Radical Truth About Roller Coaster Relationships and How To Stabilize Them.

Are you sick of getting caught in roller coaster relationships, only to wind up hating how much you love your partner? And no matter what your rational mind tells you, your heart just can't seem to let them go? If so, its likely you are caught in the anxious-avoidant trap, and this course is perfect for you.

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"I have spent a lot of time chasing after emotionally unavailable partners, but after this course, I now see what power I have to shift the way I am showing up in love. Plus, the creative exercises are fun, and the lectures are easy to listen to. Highly recommend this course." -Katie Middleton


If you always seem to find yourself back in those same old patterns, with partners that…


  • Don’t appreciate you, and take your generosity for granted
  • Show up with fireworks one day, and then disappear without explanation the next
  • Treat you like an intimate partner, but don’t give you any physical intimacy
  • Or they only seem to be interested in sex, but exclude you from other aspects of their lives
  • Avoid labeling the relationship and make you feel neurotic for needing it
  • Behave in a needlessly secretive fashion
  • Ignore you for weeks then text “miss you” at 2am


Or maybe your partner is...


  • Intrusive and over-controlling
  • Monitors every move you make
  • Has high demands and never gives you any space
  • Takes everything personally, and over analyzes everything you say
  • Interprets most situations in the negative
  • Presses for too much too fast
  • Expects you to read their mind, and blows up when you don't
  • Is hot one minute and cold the next



The anxious-avoidant trap is a situation in which we find ourselves caught in unhealthy, push-pull relationships.On the surface, most people tend to view the anxious-avoidant trap as a case of opposites attract, but truly, it's a case of like-sees-like.

In this 5-part video series, we will explore the phenomenon of the anxious-avoidant trap, and give you a taste of how to stabilize it in fun, easy and creative ways.

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Psychological and neurological research indicates almost all human beings display one of four attachment styles, when it comes to their love relationships. 

These attachment styles are basically four unique blueprints, embedded in the survival part of your brain,  for how you've learned to give and receive love in your childhood, but also through your adult romantic relationships.

Your blueprint is often a good indicator of how much closeness or space you desire, when it comes to emotional intimacy. 

It indicates how hard you will fight for, or give up on a relationship. 

It colors your beliefs about the possibilities for love in your life. 

The four Attachment Styles ARE...

  • Individuals that want a lot of closeness with a partner, typically have anxious attachment; aka "Open Hearts." 
  • Individuals who want more space, usually have avoidant attachment; aka "Rolling Stones." 
  • Individuals that both want and fear closeness, are sometimes considered fearful avoidant or disorganized; aka "Spice of Lifers."
  • Individuals who are comfortable with closeness and separateness in relationships are considered securely attached; aka "Cornerstones."

Recognizing that the deeply hurtful things you might be saying to each other are fueled by instinctual coping skills for survival, embedded in the deepest recesses of your brain--as opposed to a malicious lack of love and respect--can afford a level of understanding and empathy in your relationship that you never thought possible. 

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I cannot tell you just how much I needed Briana in my life! Especially in the area of attachment and our individual spiritual journey! I have done a lot of research during my own quest for answers in life love and happiness! And I haven't found any other information like hers. She is super informative and does an amazing job of incorporating it all without being too clinical or too intimidating! She is also very personable and her delivery is that of (a very well educated) friend! In watching her videos I feel as if she knows me personally, and most importantly, for me, doesn't aren't making me feel judged. She is definitely living her purpose and I am so so thankful to have found her! I have learned so much from her work!

-Estey B.

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✔ The Anxious-Avoidant Trap: A Case of Like-Sees-Like

✔ 6 signs of the anxious avoidant trap

✔ 4 Neurochemicals That Feed the Anxious-Avoidant Trap

✔ The Role of Fantasy and Avoidance in the Anxious-Avoidant Trap

✔ 3 Ways Anxious And Avoidant Partners Push Each Other Away


✔ 5 Video lectures that will take you from lost and confused, to clear and confident on how to approach the roller coaster dynamic in your relationship.

✔ 5 Live Q&A video recordings, answering your most burning questions about love.

✔ A bonus video tutorial and introduction to how The MacWilliam Method™ can help you stabilize your relationship.

✔ A 30+ Page Downloadable PDF, for those that like to read along.

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When I found Briana's courses I was struggling with an on-again off-again relationship, and starting to feel like I was going crazy. I saw myself acting in ways that shocked and embarrassed me, but at the same time my partner seemed to want to throw fuel on the fire. In my heart, I couldn't believe that everything we shared was a lie, and my partner was just some evil "narcissist." Briana's perspective made it so much clearer for me, and has given me real hope."

-Maria Sanchez


✔ Deep insight into how and why you may be attracting (and attracted to) the same types of partners into your life, even when you've been doing everything "right" and it seemed like this time, they would be different.

✔ The ability to spot The Anxious-Avoidant Trap, so you can avoid falling into yet another toxic relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner.

✔ An understanding of the biological affect of toxic relationships and how a very specific cocktail of neurochemicals keep you locked in an addictive cycle (sometimes beyond your conscious control) with partners that provide predictably unpredictable "rewards."

✔ A deep understanding of the psychological impact of trauma, and the role fantasy has to play when we dissociate in relationshipswhich can look like getting hung up on a partner's "potential," instead of making healthier choices for ourselves, in love.

✔ A deep understanding of the 3 ways in which our unconscious defenses and coping skills can send our partners into a triggered tailspin, driving them towards "needing to take space," or to suddenly appear vague and ambivalent about the relationship.



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I recently completed Briana's 5 day course on attachment, and I've learned a ton from it... I'm currently at a place where I have a theoretical understanding of my avoidance, have done an in-depth analysis of my upbringing and where my avoidance has appeared in romantic, friend, family, and professional relationships, and have even begun to spot it in my current day-to-day. This awareness has allowed me to recognize that I am about to slip into avoidant behavior and disrupt the pattern. Which is something I'm very excited about and proud of. I highly recommend this course!