This Program Includes...

Five 90-Minute Communication Workshop Intensives

Fearless Communication Framework - 9 downloadable fill-in-the blank workbook templates 

Accelerated Intimacy Scripts - Common triggers to avoid and what to say instead

Somatic Awareness Audio Guides - Audio recordings that will help you recognize and release the constricted energy in the body that feeds attachment anxiety, 

Creative Exercises For Heart-Centered Connections - Nonverbal activities to access your creative, life force energy 

Self-Directed Lessons - Weekly 90-minute self-directed lessons broken down into digestible snippets

Courageous Communicator Community - Exclusive private Facebook group where you may post your assignments for direct feedback

Bonuses - 3 Expert guest presentations PLUS, lifetime access to the student alumni group, and to monthly live, Q&A sessions and replays

Financing options are available for inspired individuals that are serious about joining our program. We work with the most advanced financing platform that provides loans specifically for coaching programs, so you can quickly and easily secure the funds you need to enroll, stress-free. Payments are typically as low as $150-$100 per month. 

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The Courageous Communicator (9 Monthly Payments)
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Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you affirm your understanding that this course is intended for psychoeducational purposes only, and should not be considered a replacement for the treatment of severe mental illness. You agree not to duplicate and/or distribute for free or for sale, any of the copyrighted information therein, and to do so is illegal.  You understand that no refunds after submitting payment.

Need assistance financing your enrollment? Check out our special financing options. Payments are usually as low as $100-$150 per month, no more than a cable bill!

success stories
Lupita - courageous communicator

 Lupita joined my live group-coaching program, THE COURAGEOUS COMMUNICATOR, she and her husband of seven years were "stuck in a rough patch.” They kept having the same argument in different iterations and couldn’t seem to escape a cycle of triggering each other into their defensive corners. After taking this course, Lupita reported they were most excited by the non-verbal creative arts exercises, which allowed them to get out of their heads and appreciate each other’s creativity, in a fun way that was new and different. By the end of the course, they were a lot more loving and accepting towards each other, and there was a renewed sense of devotion to their relationship.

Henry - courageous communicator

Henry’s wife told him she would leave him if he didn’t learn to open up and communicate about his feelings more often and effectively. But Henry was afraid to look weak, or lose control of his feelings, since he’d spent decades repressing them. In taking this course, Henry learned how to start communicating his needs in a way that felt safe for him. He started to understand the importance of emotional vulnerability, and by the end of the course, he was able to have more open and honest conversations with his wife.

Clarissa - courageous communicator

Clarissa joined the course in the hopes of nurturing a new relationship of three months, with someone she was really excited about. They had just had their first argument, and some old baggage had been triggered. She wanted to make sure she nipped it in the bud before experiencing a repeat performance of past relationship patterns. After taking this course, Clarissa reported that she felt much more confident in her ability to communicate her needs from a place of confidence and inner security, and as a result, her relationship flourished.